Mar 142017

download SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2015 SP5.0 32bit 64bit full license

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SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2015 SP5.0 full crack
SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2015 SP5.0 full crack

Description: SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2015 is a software solution for secure storage, management and access to project data, allowing you to create new products faster and with better quality. It is specially optimized for companies that have a network of divisions, subcontractors and suppliers that branch out geographically. DBMS management is based on Microsoft SQL Server technology. Being fully integrated with Microsoft Windows Explorer, SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2015 can be implemented in the workplace in a very short time with minimal training requirements for staff.
The necessary effective information about the product is delivered at the right time to get the production cost to meet the needs of your customers. SolidWorks Enterprise PDM allows members of your organization to work together effectively for faster access to the market for quality products.
Increase the efficiency of data management with the best in its class system
Improving the product development process by providing direct access to the most current versions of all documents and data using the integrated interface with Windows Explorer. Effective data management allows engineers, manufacturing, and marketing services to avoid errors, such as working with erroneous versions of documents or accidentally overwriting a document version. In addition, SolidWorks Enterprise PDM allows an intelligent database, reuse, store and enhance. Using a powerful but easy-to-use tool, product designers can quickly find their documents and avoid unnecessary data.
SolidWorks capabilities PDM is well proven in various
Branches of production, including engineering, electronics and medicine.
SolidWorks Enterprise PDM simplifies product change and information exchange, as well as providing access to them via the Internet and the ability to integrate
With other systems in the enterprise, such as MRP / ERP, using the industry standard XML and other features.
Fast execution and scalability
With SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, you can implement effective PDM solutions in
Much faster than other solutions in its class. Start with a small workgroup
And increase productivity, and then scale your solutions, including hundreds of users from different locations. With the support of any Microsoft ® Windows files, your organization can more efficiently manage and share all kinds of product information and data, from engineering documents and specifications to marketing order specifications. To improve data management and workflow, through the structural replication of workplaces, SolidWorks Enterprise PDM
Allows you to integrate the system into widely dispersed corporate departments, departments, customers and suppliers. With automatic replication of data to multiple locations, users can shorten important time when loading large assemblies.
Rationalization of processes with the automation of workflow.
Built-in workflow graphics in SolidWorks Enterprise PDM will allow your organization to automate document approval processes and reduce the number of errors while improving efficiency. For example, many operations can be automatically performed with the standard release of a new product version, such as automatic monitoring, data entry into a drawing stamp, the creation of a neutral file format, and issuing various notifications, such as management and sales projects.
The dual electronic signature is supported by the FDA CFR Part 11 certificate and other industry requirements.
Audit of activities to improve standards of conformity and quality
SolidWorks Enterprise PDM monitors and records each event, each document movement and each version. The audit records tool – who did what and when, how and why each change was made, simplifies the preparation for internal quality reports, as a necessary requirement of the supervisory bodies and ISO auditors. Auditing more effectively and earlier can help to identify potential problems and constantly improve processes, increasing the ability to compete your organization.
Exchange information with your customers and suppliers
With SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, you can extend the benefits of data management and workflow by leveraging the involvement of customers and suppliers. SolidWorks
Enterprise PDM allows you to provide a level of access to information for each member of your team, increasing efficiency without compromising privacy or security. Distributing product information to customers and suppliers with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM reduces the product development process.
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Mar 142017

download Next Limit xFlow 2016.1.0.98 Win64 full license 100% working

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Working with Next Limit xFlow 2016.1.0.98 Win64 full
Working with Next Limit xFlow 2016.1.0.98 Win64 full

XFlow is a powerful innovative Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology that uses a patented and particle-based Lagrangian approach to solve the traditionally complex problems of fluid dynamics at all stages of designing and debugging future products.
XFlow is designed for modeling the flow of gases, liquids and solving heat and mass transfer problems.
When solving a similar class of problems, XFlow allows simultaneously to take into account the kinematics and dynamics of the structure, the physics of multiphase flows, subsonic and supersonic phenomena, acoustics and the interaction of the structure with the liquid.
Designed specifically for engineers and engineers who usually require a fast and accurate solution for complex flow behavior, XFlow allows for complex numerical simulation in a simple and understandable manner, eliminates the need for a large number of algorithmic parameters and the traditionally time-consuming process of constructing gas-dynamic grids on complex geometry.
CFD technology, laid out in XFlow, demonstrates the possibility of complex flow behavior modeling taking into account the real environment and the possibility of significantly reducing financial and time costs, thereby offering a real alternative to carrying out a lot of expensive experiments.
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Mar 142017

download ESI ProCAST v2016.1 Suite Win64 full crack 100% working

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ESI ProCAST v2016.1 Suite Win64
ESI ProCAST v2016.1 Suite Win64
Working with ESI ProCAST v2016.1 Suite Win64 full
Working with ESI ProCAST v2016.1 Suite Win64 full

Working with Visual-Environment v2016.1
Working with Visual-Environment v2016.1 full

Composition Suite
1. ESI Visual-Environment 12.5.1 Win64
Pre- and postprocessors for various CAEs, including a VisualCAST pre- and postprocessor for ProCAST 2016.0.
ATTENTION! Actually ProCAST 2016.1 is only a solver (solver). To prepare the source data for ProCAST 2016.1 and view the results of calculations, you must use (by default) VisualCAST 12.5.x from the ESI Visual-Environment 12.5.1 Win64 or other available version of VisualCAST
2. ESI ProCAST 2016.1 Win64
3. ESI QuikCAST 2014.0 Win64
Program for simulation of metal casting. Has fewer features than ProCAST but is more easy to use. Has its own pre- and postprocessor
4. ESI PAM-OPT 2016.0
The program for optimizing modeling in ProCAST and QuikCAST
Description: ProCAST
The program complex ProCAST allows to solve practically any technological problems connected with casting of metals!
ProCAST allows you to model any foundry technology:
– any gravitational fill (casting in chill mold, in PGS and HTS, in lost models, etc.);
-Lining under controlled pressure (high pressure casting, low pressure casting, back pressure casting,
Vacuum suction casting, etc.);
Centrifugal casting;
-continuous casting;
-light on the gasification model.
The ProCAST program allows you to define:
-distribution of thermal fields in the cast and shape;
-evaluate the level of stresses arising in the cast and metal fittings
– Allows you to calculate cyclic loads (for example, when casting under pressure).
ProCAST meets production challenges
Based on the proven technology of finite elements, ProCAST represents a complete solution covering a wide range of processes for the casting of metals and alloys
Covering all production tasks for a wide range of casting processes.
Casting into the ground, gravitational, inclined casting
The key success factors in gravity casting are related to the optimization of the gate system and the exclusion of areas of possible shrinkage.
Injection molding, casting into shell molds
ProCAST is well suited for solving the problem of investment casting. For example, ProCAST can automatically generate a mesh that reflects the shell shape, allows for an unequal thickness and multilayer.
This takes into account the heat radiation with shading effects, which are important for high-temperature alloys. ProCAST provides the ability to model form filling, solidification and microstructure formation. The location of the risers and the use of insulating or exothermic leads, their effect on shrinkage can be studied on a computer and visualized on the screen to achieve the optimum casting quality.
Molding into chill mold under low pressure
In order to really reproduce the factory conditions, it is possible to simulate the working cycles of the mold to a state when the temperature conditions reach the stationary state. The calculated temperature fields make it possible to calculate the filling of the mold and the solidification of the casting.
The process parameters can be adjusted so that the optimum process quality is achieved in the shortest possible time.
Casting into chill mold under high pressure
ProCAST allows to solve such specific problems of high pressure casting as liquid stamping and semi-solid phase casting. The optimal plunger velocity profile, gate structure and sagging can be easily determined during the simulation even in thin-walled products. Thermomechanical cycles of the chill can be calculated not only to increase its life cycle, but also to increase productivity, thereby reducing risks and costs.
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