May 202017

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PowerMill 2018
New PowerMill tools for 2018
PowerMill® CAM programming tools help manufacturers generate the high-quality toolpaths that they need to produce their molds, tools, and other complex parts.
What’s new in PowerMill 2018
PowerMill 2018 highlights include a new user interface, enhanced turning and 2D machining, improved ViewMill simulation, and additional 5-axis controls.
Ribbon interface
Improved user experience. Better use of the 3D view, and quick access to commonly used commands.
2D strategies
New finishing strategies cut the sidewalls and bases of 2D features as well as convex fillets.
3D offset with center-line
Optionally include center-line passes to remove more stock left during 3D offset finishing
Dynamic machine control in a region
Use a virtual machine to dynamically update toolpath regions to use alternative toolaxis motion.
Stock simulation
ViewMill rotatable mode now offers improved image quality and stock collision detection.
Editable turning toolpaths
Edit turning toolpaths without lengthy recalculations. Limit, divide, and reorder with new lead and link controls.
Turning collision checking
Check turning toolpaths for collisions and near misses involving the workpiece, fixture, tool assembly, and stock.
Turning stock models
Apply turning toolpaths to a 3D stock model and use to drive more efficient milling toolpaths and operations.
Editable feed rates on surfaces
Change cutting feed rate for specific groups of surfaces for improved control of surface finish and precision.
Blisk toolaxis control
Combine blisk toolaxis mode with other toolpath types for increased programming choice on cylindrical parts.
And so much more
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