Jan 162018

Download Keysight FlexDCA A.05.63.22 Win32/64 full license forever

Link download Keysight FlexDCA A.05.63.22 x86 x64 full crack 100% working

Keysight FlexDCA A.05.63.22 x86 x64 full license
Keysight FlexDCA A.05.63.22 x86 x64 full license
Working with Keysight FlexDCA A.05.63.22 x86 x64 full
Working with Keysight FlexDCA A.05.63.22 x86 x64 full

Description: FlexDCA Remote Access Software – program for remote control and measurements on DCA oscilloscopes
Key Features and Specifications
N1010A FlexDCA supports 86100C DCA-J, 86100D DCA-X and N1092A / B / D oscilloscopes, and SystemVue software
Provides Eye / Mask, Oscilloscope, and Jitter measurement capabilities on your PC
Help troubleshoot problems in remote office locations
Operative instruments from your desk instead of a noisy lab
Fast instrument communication and data transfer via LAN or GPIB
Offline Operation
Perform DCA measurements on saved or simulated waveforms – Try it (video)
Help sell your products using virtual device demonstration
Includes a built-in waveform simulator with jitter and noise injection
Provides an integrated operation with Keysight SystemVue Software
Add powerful measuring capability
De-embedding / Embedding using N1010AT-SIM InfiniiSim-DCA
Advanced Signal Processing with an intuitive graphical interface
New measurement capability such as DDPWS, UJ, J2, and J9
Perform up to 64
Save money
DCA mainframes
Example: One N1010AT-SIM InfiniiSim-DCA (de-embedding) license can be used with multiple 86100C, 86100D or N1092A / B / D oscilloscopes
More efficient use utilization
Developing tests from remote locations
Required Mainframe Firmware:
86100C Rev A.10.02 or greater
86100D Rev A.10.02 or greater
N1010A FlexDCA takes the powerful user interface that is integrated into the 86100D DCA-X Wide-Bandwidth Oscilloscope and makes it available on a PC. FlexDCA provides:
Powerful new INSIGHT:
De-embedding / Embedding capability
-Using N1010AT-SIM InfiniiSim-DCA
Advanced Signal Processing
-FFT, Differentiate / Integrate, built-in filter functions, and more
New Measurement Capability
-Data Dependent Pulse Width Shrinkage (DDPWS), Uncorrelated Jitter (UJ), J2, J9, and more
SystemVue Electronic System-Level (ESL) support (SystemVue sold separately)
– Display simulated waveforms generated by SystemVue software
Display up to 64
-great for documenting results all at once
Customizable vector-based user-interface
-maximize waveform display, drag windows where you want them, minimize display regions that are not being used
ONE button differential setup
-minimizes setup time
Connected (via LAN) or Offline Signal Analysis
-increase equipment utilization while performing simults offline
Built-in SCPI Recorder
-automate measurements quickly and easily
-quickly identify and record SCPI commands in a macro
Built-in Waveform Simulator
-saves you from having to locate a pattern generator to check your simulations!
FLEXIBLE Software Option Support Model
You get to choose whether to purchase software options for N1010A FlexDCA (your PC) or 86100C / D DCA
Connected Operation: FlexDCA supports software installed on the 86100C / D mainframe or PC
Offline Operation: FlexDCA supports software installed on the PC.
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