Mar 172017

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Siemens Tecnomatix Jack 8.4
Siemens Tecnomatix Jack 8.4
Working with Siemens Tecnomatix Jack 8.4 full
Working with Siemens Tecnomatix Jack 8.4 full

Tecnomatix Jack – a set of solutions designed to simulate digital mannequins and assess the compliance with the requirements of ergonomics product design, manufacturing processes and maintenance operations. The technology of the digital manikin is the basis of the Tecnomatix Human Performance application.
The Tecnomatix Human Performance application helps to improve the ergonomics of product design, manufacturing processes and maintenance operations. It is based on biomechanically accurate digital mannequins that can be placed in a virtual environment and analyze their behavior. Using the technology of a digital dummy allows you to recreate the situation and check the visibility, the availability of objects, the convenience of their location, assess the likelihood of injury, identify factors that cause fatigue, and get other important information about the ergonomics of the production process and the product itself.
With the help of special tools for modeling human movements and analyzing their ergonomics, a digital dummy determines when it is at risk of injury based on analysis of the posture, muscular effort, lifted weight, duration and frequency of performance. In addition, the digital dummy calculates the optimal duration of the user’s work on the basis of the MTM-1 labor standardization system.
The digital dummy allows to take into account maintenance requirements when designing the product and to calculate the most effective repair processes. A set of virtual reality tools captures the movements of technicians performing maintenance of the product, and can serve as a medium for their training.
A new digital mannequin Jack (Jack) with a deformable skin (“soft skin”), provides a more realistic visualization, analysis of ergonomics and safety. In addition, the TSB (Task Simulation Builder) allows you to build a script by selecting the way the task is executed – including the location where Jack or Jill should be to take the part, the way to capture it, search for the shortest path for the transfer, and so on. The functional of the simulator allows one to determine the scenario of work, and then to evaluate the alternatives, simply changing the placement of the elements – the simulator will adjust the script to the changed situation.
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