Oct 102018

Download TASS International PreSCAN 8.5.0 Win64 full license

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Working with TASS International PreSCAN 8.5.0 Win64 full license
Working with TASS International PreSCAN 8.5.0 Win64 full license

Description: TASS International PreSCAN powerful simulation platform is used in the automotive industry. The simulation and development platform for advanced Kmkranndh systems (ADAS) and vehicle safety systems such as radar-based sensors, lasers, cameras and GPS are used. This software helps engineers to communication systems between vehicles and infrastructure (V2V and V2I) systems as well as self-driving cars (without driver) to design and evaluate. Qdtmnd range of software applications designed TASS International PreSCAN of model-based controllers to real-time tests to help Skhtafzardrchrkhh methods (HIL) and Nrmafzardrchrkhh (SIL) are included.
TASS International PreSCAN a graphics preprocessor to define scenarios and environments and is used to implement it. Intuitive graphical user interface helps you to customize the design scenario, sensors MATLAB and Simulink you want to simulate Knyd.mhndsyn can build and test algorithms as the main interface to add their regulatory systems. Open platform software interfaces makes flexible use of systems, third-person vehicle dynamic modeling (CarSIM or dSPACE ASM) and simulators hard to Afzardrchrkhh easier. Multiple modules in the TASS International PreSCAN, everything that a developer needs to provide an advanced system Kmkranndh.
Features and International Prescan TASS :
Modeling various sensors (radar, cameras, lasers, ultrasound, infrared, etc.)
Design of vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-urban infrastructure (V2I)
Design scenarios (road networks, rippling, bridges, etc.)
The ability of modeling pedestrians, buildings, trees, Guard rail, road marking and a variety of objects
Simulating various conditions in the implementation phase (day and night, rain, fog, snow and road lighting)
Take advantage of the data SketchUp, Google Earth, GPS tracking systems and CAD models
Direct contact with the software MATLAB, Simulink, CarSim, dSPACE and LabVIEW
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