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download Pro Engineer Creo Basic to advanced 3D design course

Pro|Engineer/Creo Basic to advanced 3D training videos

Pro Engineer Creo Basic to advanced 3D
Pro Engineer Creo Basic to advanced 3D
Pro Engineer-Creo Basic to advanced 3D training videos
Pro Engineer-Creo Basic to advanced 3D training videos

Course Description
Pro Engineer (pro/E) is 3D computer aided design software developed by PTC corporation.
In 2010 , the company has changed its name to creo parametric.
In this course , you will learn about all the basics to advanced tools and commands of the software.
Main contents of are this course are as following
2D Sketch Modelling
3D Modelling
Drafting and Drawing
This course is designed to give complete & depth knowledge of every tool used to make designed model or drawings with exercises.
You will get all files used to create this course which is helpful to do practice. You can also send your questions and get the answers during the course. We will love to help you.

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Feb 112017

download Mastercam 2017 (v19.0.15109.0) Update3 only 64bit full crack

link download mastercam 2017 update3 win64 full license

Mastercam 2017 v19.0.15109.0 Update3 only full
Mastercam 2017 v19.0.15109.0 Update3 only full

Mastercam offers CAD / CAM-tools for all types of programming – from simple to very complex. The system has everything you need for your production – milling from two to five axes, turning, turning, milling, wire EDM, woodworking, art modeling and complex 3D-engraving. Mastercam Design allows you to import data from all known of CAD-systems, as well as designing free space 3D-shapes using all the necessary for this set of tools, including wireframe and surface modeling, solid modeling, free hybrid modeling, drawing and automatic acquisition of sketches and drawings. The choice of module depends on Mastercam to solve any problems it is supposed to use.

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Mastercam 2017 (v19.0.15109.10) Update3 for SolidWorks 2010-2017 Win64

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Mastercam 2017 v19.0.15109.10 Update3 for SolidWorks 2010-2017 64bit full crack

Effective Automated 2D processing.
To perform the 2D processing Mastercam for SolidWorks has a powerful functional automatic design based on the recognition processing elements of geometry (Feature Based Machining – FBM).
Analyzing for the presence of specific detail element geometry (surface size, hole pattern, etc.), FBM function automatically creates an effective treatment strategy detected elements.
Among the main functions should note the following:
* Trimming allowance in case of detection of the component surface.
* Processing of open, nested, and through pockets.
* The trajectories of roughing and post-treatment for every pocket.
* Recognition of the holes and the creation of centering operations, drilling, deployment, chamfering and threading in accordance with the set criteria.
Roughing and Finishing 3D processing, including wrap-.
The main sample effectively removes the bulk of the allowance.
High Speed ​​Machining (VSO) provides the fastest processing and producing excellent quality of the surface of products. Mastercam for SolidWorks includes a set of fully associative trajectories of high-speed processing, allowing the most from your CNC equipment.
* Strategy “core sample” and “cleaning area” effectively remove the bulk of the allowance due to the use paths, configurable on the “roughing” blank or “vygryzanie” material from cavities.
* Strategy “post-treatment” gently removes the allowance remaining after the previous roughing cuts.
* Using the 3D constant step between passes, finishing “a comb” strategy forms the same surface quality (roughness) on sloped and flat povehnosti details.
* Finishing strategy “Horizontal field” rapidly processes flat horizontal surface of the part.
* “Spiral”, “radial” and “Raster” treatment strategies provide extensive opportunities for machining of various types.
* “Pencil” the strategy creates the tool moves along the lines of intersection of the faces of a solid body with a view to processing areas inaccessible parts.
Reliable verification of trajectories
Verification of solid state processing with simulated material removal allows you to check the path to their real working out on the machine.
Mastercam gives you the confidence that your equipment can do the processing of any level of complexity. With trajectories test tools available in Mastercam, you can easily make sure that the path and movement created exactly the way you wanted it.
* Available viewing and measuring in detail the process of verification of processing a solid part of a solid billet. During the simulation, the processing tool and holder are checked and displayed on desperately. video
* You can draw trajectories by using the tool “Backplot” and receiving the processing cycle time. Available dynamic view of all relevant information about the instrument and operations at any point of the trajectory, and the scaling of certain areas for a more detailed view.
* Fast verification of 2D paths with a portrayal of a tool to check the end result of finishing operations.
Effective tools for creating control programs and control paths tool path – it’s just part of what forms as a result of a well-run program. General trajectories management, and configuration of the machine and the control system to optimize each operation as much as possible.
* Full control of all aspects of the supply and removal tool.
* Security zones help ensure safe tool withdrawal movement when working with any type of trajectory.
* A significant reduction in the size of the program by using the filter path.
* The use of all types of tools: ball, disc, conical, etc.
* User-customizable tool and material libraries automatically calculate the amount of feed and spindle speed.
* Trajectories manager keeps the operation of all your projects in one place. Quickly create, edit and verification of trajectories or copy and paste parameters from one operation to another. Using groups of equipment for the organization’s operations and to facilitate copy / paste paths and information about the instrument from one machine tool to another group.
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Feb 112017

download MIDAS NFX 2016 R1 (build 20161018) x32 x64 full crack

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MIDAS NFX 2016 R1 build 20161018 x32 x64 full license 100% working
MIDAS NFX 2016 R1 build 20161018 x32 x64 full license 100% working
working with MIDAS NFX 2016 R1 build 20161018 x32 x64 full crack
working with MIDAS NFX 2016 R1 build 20161018 x32 x64 full crack

Description: MIDAS NFX- available integrated software for engineering calculations and optimization of design solutions
Areas of use:
• Simulation of the product;
• Optimization of topology;
• Strength calculation;
• Thermal calculation based on radiation and optical properties of the model;
• Three-dimensional calculation gidroaerodinimiki (CFD);
• Comprehensive multidisciplinary calculation.
Reduced product development cycle
• A wide range of CAD interfaces
• High-speed and high-quality mesh generator
• Advanced solvers for large models
• Automatic detection of contact in assemblies, convenient visualization and conjugations, and workload management
Effective automation of the design process
• Two interface options: Engineering and easy
• Quick solver and ability to modify the product “on the fly” with the subsequent recalculation
• Easy creation of computational grids
• Extensive material database, including anisotropic
• Consideration of the optical properties of the material in the calculation of the radiation and heat
• A set of templates of standard boundary conditions and loads
• The ability to parallelize the solution
Simplified development of innovative products
• Easy creation models and decision optimization tasks by various criteria
• Preconfigured templates for calculating
• Ability to create adaptive mesh and meshing in the settlement process
• Optimization of topology (form parts) according to the static / dynamic analysis
• Enhanced wear calculation function
• Conducting evaluation tests reliability of the equipment items
One integrated solution for a wide range of design problems encountered in mechanical engineering
• Ensure the structural, thermal and gas-dynamic calculations in the space of a single model
• Modal analysis taking into account the conditions of preload and relative displacement of parts
• Analysis of stability with the task of permissible mutual displacement of parts in an assembly
• Determination of the heat flux
• Linear dynamic analysis
• problems with the calculation of non-linear contacts
• Advanced nonlinear analysis of shock
• Joint calculation of rigid and elastic structures in one model
• The combination of linear and non-linear analysis in a single model
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