Mar 102017

download PTC Arbortext Editor 7.0 M060 Win64 full crack 100% working

Link download PTC Arbortext Editor 7.0 M060 64bit full license

PTC Arbortext Editor 7.0 M060 64bit
PTC Arbortext Editor 7.0 M060 64bit
PTC Arbortext Editor 7.0 M060 Win64 full license
PTC Arbortext Editor 7.0 M060 Win64 full license

Arbortext Editor is a tool for preparing XML documents, which is a full-featured solution that meets the various needs in the development of textual information about the product.
Arbortext Editor is used to create operating manuals, maintenance manuals, e-learning materials, as well as marketing, commercial and reference documents. Arbortext Editor allows you to save time and effort of the author by creating “components” of XML-based documentation that can easily be reused, to ensure uniformity of documentation design.
Managing and tracking content components to create dynamic assemblies in the publishing process is done using Windchill or Arbortext Content Manager.
Features and Benefits:
Support for the S1000D standard;
Creation and editing of components and sets of documentation;
More than 25 languages ​​with support for the corresponding character sets and spelling checkers;
Support for publishing standards, for example, DITA and DocBook, as well as XML, SGML, XSL (XSL-FO and XSLT), XML Schema, XPath, XInclude, DOM and other web standards;
Support for tables in HTML, CALS, OASIS and Arbortext formats;
Provision of publications with interactive graphic elements, processing of documents with complex graphics (formats CGM, EDZ, ISO, ISOZ, PVZ and SVG);
Online content support:
Create publications for various users by using conditional text;
Automatic inclusion of data directly from databases and information systems;
Extensive customization options:
Create and customize dialogs and toolbars with XML configuration files and built-in ActiveX controls;
Access to more than 95% of Arbortext Editor’s capabilities using API or directly through COM, supporting many different programming languages ​​including C / C ++, Java, JScript, JavaScript, Visual Basic, VBScript and PerlScript. TCL support can be customized.
Arbortext Editor is integrated with applications such as Arbortext IsoView and Creo View. You can also extend the use of this application by embedding it in the browser as ActiveX control (ActiveX control) or installing as a separate application. Run Arbortext Editor directly in Windchill and Arbortext Content Manager for faster XML development (XML authoring).
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Mar 092017

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working with MoldWorks 2016 SP0 for SolidWorks 2014-2017 Win64
working with MoldWorks 2016 SP0 for SolidWorks 2014-2017 Win64

MoldWorks – automated layout of molds.
MoldWorks is used, first of all, to reduce the cycle of design work. The mold making time in the MoldWorks system takes several hours, unlike 1.5 to 2 weeks in normal design, even with a computer.
MoldWorks helps to optimize the size of the package and the location of its nodes, by the place of editing individual components of the mold.
With manual design, the designer can not guarantee the complete operability of the design at the design stage, which is difficult to do when working with individual drawing views. As a result, the mold is subjected to repeated testing and debugging in the tool shop.
In the MoldWorks system, it is possible to analyze the form collection and the operability of its nodes, to provide for the intersection of the work of individual parts in the form (ejectors and side rods having a joint working zone).
A large percentage of rejects in the manufacture of molds is associated with design errors in calculating the cooling system. MoldWorks analyzes the wall thicknesses, helping to avoid the intersection of cooling holes with other holes.
The rapid layout of molds in MoldWorks is due to the use of parametric 3D object-oriented libraries of mold parts of several international standards (DME, HASCO, NATIONAL, RABOURDIN, FUTABA, EOC, STRACK). All used components of molds have a graphic and information description and are positioned in the assembly in accordance with their purpose.
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Mar 082017

download training videos – SIEMENS Solid Edge Certification for Students

Learn to take SIEMENS Solid Edge Certification for Students

SIEMENS Solid Edge Certification for Students by videos

learn SIEMENS Solid Edge Certification for Students
learn SIEMENS Solid Edge Certification for Students
videos SIEMENS Solid Edge Certification for Students
videos SIEMENS Solid Edge Certification for Students
take SIEMENS Solid Edge Certification for Students
take SIEMENS Solid Edge Certification for Students

New! SIEMENS Solid Edge Certification for Students
Interested in 3D Mechanical Design? Want to improve your job skills?
This class will set you up to pass the Solid Edge Certified Associate Level 1 Exam.
If so, I’m inviting you to join my new Solid Edge Certification for Students course which has just launched on Udemy for free.
Look forward to seeing you in the course. Feel free to forward this to friends and colleagues who would benefit!
Even if you presently know nothing about 3D Design and Siemens Solid Edge this course is geared to accelerate you professional development and validate your skills by preparing you to pass the Solid Edge Level 1 certification exam with confidence. The class and the Siemens Solid Edge software are free to all students.
This course is not a shortcut to certification. To pass you will need to cover all the course material and spend time using and experimenting with Solid Edge and get industry recognized credentials.
Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology is a computer-aided design (CAD) system for mechanical assembly, part modeling, drawing production, and simulation. Solid Edge boosts essential CAD user productivity by capturing engineers’ solid modeling design intentions through inference logic and decision-management concepts. Synchronous technology makes it possible to modify the design of any model, without having to know how it was constructed.
Contents (2.5hours)
2. 002 Basic Shapes
3. 003 View Orientation
4. 004 Drawing Commands
5. 005 Sketching Simple Shapes
6. 006 Geometric Relationships
7. 007 Relate: Additional Geometric Relationships
8. 008 IntelliSketch
9. 009 Tangent Constraints
10. 010 Creating and Dimensioning Sketches
11. 011 Using Geometric Constraints Together
12. 012 Crosshatch Sketch Options
13. 013 Understanding Reference Planes – Lock
14. 014 Reference Planes – Locking to a Face
15. 015 Area: Finding the area of a Sketch
16. 016 Why its Important to Center Parts Around the Axis
17. 017 Part Painter – Adding Color to Features and Faces
18. 018 Reference Planes – How to Create Your Own
19. 019 Trim Command – A Closer Look
20. 020 Sketching – Creating a Lego Block
21. 021 Sketching – Putting it All Together and Finding Area
22. 022 Understanding Why Part Orientation Matters
23. 023 Orientation and the Best Approach to 3D Design
24. 024 Physical Properties
25. 025 Selecting the Correct View to Start a 3D Model
26. 026 Project to Sketch
27. 027 Drawing Views
28. 028 Copy Rotate and Trim Commands
29. 029 Pattern Rotate 3D
30. 030 Revolve
31. 031 Revolve – Creating a Bottle
32. 032 Revolve and Thinwall
33. 033 Revolve: Cup
34. 034 The Magic Wheel – Rotating Faces
35. 35 Steering Wheel – Modifying Models
36. 036 Assemblies – The Basics
37. 037 Assemblies – More Details
38. 038 Assemblies – Measuring in 3D Space
39. 039 Assemblies – Measure Minimum Distance
40. 040 – Practice Exam – What to Expect
41. Certification Exam
42. Example 01- Practice Exam
43. Example 02 – Practice Exam
44. Example 03 – Practice Exam
45. Example 04 – Practice Exam
46. Example 05 – Practice Exam
47. Example 06 – Practice Exam
48. Example 07 – Practice Exam
49. Example 08 – Practice Exam
50. Example 09 – Practice Exam
51. Example 10 – Practice Exam
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