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Download Alias 2015 Foundation Tutorials videos for designer

Link download Alias 2015 video training course for engineer

Download Alias 2015 Foundation Tutorials videos
Download Alias 2015 Foundation Tutorials videos

Duration: 9:44:22
Type of handing out material: Video Tutorial
English language

Description: Autodesk Alias is a CAD application used by studios to design Class A surfaces, allowing artists and designers to create high-quality CAD models.
Manuals posted on the official website of Autodesk.
An in depth look at Align by Barry Kimball
lesson1 17:09
lesson2 21:14
lesson3 17:00
lesson4 16:37
lesson5 16:58
Essential Skills Videos
ES1 Discover theUI 4:11
ES2 Create And Edit Objects 3:53
ES3 Transform Objects 4:16
ES4 View Manipulation 1:58
ES5 Pick Objects 2:35
ES6 Visualization 4:07
F1 Interface Fundamentals
F1.0 Introduction to F1 Tutorials 1:43
F1.1 Using the Alias File System 4:42
F1.2 Zooming Panning and Tumbling the Scene 5:14
F1.3 Organizing Parts onto Layers 5:32
F1.4 Selecting and Grouping 5:51
F1.5 Moving Scaling and Rotating 5:51
F2 Geometry Fundamentals
F2.0 Introduction to F2 Tutorials 2:58
F2.1 XYZ Dimensions and Accuracy 6:00
F2.2 Circles and the Information Window 4:33
F2.3 Importing a Polygon Mesh and Local Axes 6:46
F2.4 Pivot Points and Grouping 6:06
F2.5 Snapping with Mouse Constraints 5:47
F2.6 CV Sculpting a Cylinder 5:39
F2.7 Construction Planes Working on an Angle 5:08
F2.8 CV Sculpting Cubes and Groups 4:27
F2.9 Marking Menus and Shelves 5:44
F3 NURBS Fundamentals
F3.0 Introduction to F3 Tutorials 3:28
F3.1 NURBS Surfaces 1 Degree and CVs 5:08
F3.2 NURBS Surfaces 2 Symmetry 6:35
F3.3 NURBS Curves Spans and Edit Points 5:48
F3.4 Edit Point Curves Car Outline Curves 5:33
F3.5 Curve Tools Offset and Trim 5:02
F3.6 Wheel Arch Curves 5:04
F3.7 SB Multi-Span Curves 6:00
F3.8 SB Multi-Span Surfaces 4:58
F3.9 Interface Shortcuts Customizing Shelves 5:55
F4 Projecting, Intersecting, and Trimming
F4.0 Introduction to F4 Tutorials 3:02
F4.1 Projecting and Trimming Surfaces 5:38
F4.2 Intersecting and Trimming Surfaces 5:58
F4.3 Trimming the Wheel Arches 4:46
F4.4 Trimming the Side of the Car 5:03
F4.5 SB Intersecting the Roof Line 3:25
F4.6 SB Trim Divide 4:47
F4.7 SB Fitting the Side Surface 3:30
F4.8 Interface & Trimming Tips 3:53
F5 Building with Curves & Surface Tools
F5.0 Introduction to F5 Tutorials 4:03
F5.1 Skin Surface and Construction History 6:18
F5.2 Skin Planar and Draft Surfaces 5:09
F5.3 Skin and Draft for Sketch Surfaces 5:35
F5.4 Swept Surface Mono-Rail 6:40
F5.5 Boundary Surfaces Bi-Rail and Square 6:23
F5.6 Revolve Surface Wheels 6:48
F5.7 Revolve Surface Side Glass 6:25
F5.8 SB Parallel Roof Line 4:19
F5.9 Interface and Surfacing Tips 4:51
F6 Aligning & Matching Surfaces & Curves
F6.0 Introduction to F6 Tutorials and the Align Tool 4:55
F6.1 Curve Fillet and Continuity 7:34
F6.2 Bi-Rail Surface and Continuity 5:42
F6.3 Surface Fillet and Round 5:43
F6.4 Introduction to Freeform Blend 6:33
F6.5 Freeform Blend Wheel Arch Layout 5:35
F6.6 Construction Tolerances Square and Align 6:28
F6.7 Introduction to Blend Curves 6:25
F6.8 SB Detailing the Roof Window 6:10
F6.9 SB Rail Patch Layout and Problem 7:32
F6.10 SB Rail Curve Segments 6:28
F6.11 SB Completing the Front Wheelarch 6:07
F6.12 Interface and Problem Solving Tips 6:20
F7.0 Introduction to the Skill Builder Project 3:21
W.0 Introduction to Concept Modeling 3:21
W1 Concept Modeling
W1.1 Importing Sketches as Canvas Images 6:00
W1.2 Lattice Rig for Rapid Evolution of Shape 5:36
W1.3 Overlay Canvases for Design and Presentation 7:56
W1.4 Designing a Wheel Using Instances 5:00
W1.5 Groove Round and Draft Details for the Wheel 6:39
W2 Modeling for Production
W2.0 Introduction to Modeling for Production 1:06
W2.1 Charger Construction Tolerances for Production 6:37
W2.2 Charger Dimensions and Draft Angles 10:06
W2.3 Charger Stitching and Exporting IGES and Step 9:34
W2.4 Charger Exporting STL for Rapid Prototyping 4:51
W2.5 Wheel Revolving Wheel Geometry 5:44
W2.6 Wheel Construction Planes 5:36
W2.7 Wheel Surface Fillet for G2 and G3 Radius Blends 6:55
W2.8 Wheel Solving Stitching Problems 6:24
W3 Technical Surfacing (Class A)
W3.0 Introduction to Technical Surfacing 2:30
W3.1 Surface Evaluation Reflection Lines 7:44
W3.2 Surface Evaluation Cross Sections and Comb Plots 6:24
W3.3 Construction Tolerances between Surface Patches 6:34
W3.4 Transform CV Fine Tuning Control Points 7:29
W3.5 Working with Trimmed Edges Fit Curve and Align Project 6:24
W4 Reverse Engineering
W4.0 Introduction to Reverse Engineering 2:31
W4.1 Working with Mesh Data 5:24
W4.2 Working with Sections 3:15
W4.3 Creating a Surface onto a Mesh 5:16
W4.4 Analyzing and Displaying Deviation 4:45
W4.5 Barrel Surface for Sideglass 3:30
W4.6 Reference Manager for Handling Large Data Sets 4:15
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