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May 032021

Download Chemstations CHEMCAD Suite v7.1.6.12867 full license forever

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Working with Chemstations CHEMCAD Suite v7.1.6.12867 full

Working with Chemstations CHEMCAD Suite v7.1.6.12867 full

Descriptions: CHEMCAD is a software package for modeling and calculating technological schemes with recycle flows of organic and inorganic substances and continuous mixtures (in the case of petroleum fractions), as well as energy flows. CHEMCAD allows you to create, analyze and optimize various options for the technological design of production processes, evaluate their efficiency and choose the best one. Complex of studies using CHEMCAD makes it possible to achieve a satisfactory coincidence of the calculation results with the data of industrial experiments, which allows solving the problems of automatic control of processes and increasing the efficiency of existing industries, determining the optimal operating and design parameters of processes in individual devices from the standpoint of the entire production as a whole.
CHEMCAD is intended for:
preparation of optimal initial data on pieces of equipment and pipeline systems for working engineering and technical design when creating new, as well as reconstruction and diversification of existing chemical and petrochemical industries; research and optimization of the operation of automatic control systems for chemical and technological processes, including as part of automated control systems for technological processes (APCS);
development of dynamic models of operating technological processes, the so-called “virtual production” in the creation of simulators for operators and engineers of chemical production.
CHEMCAD includes:
databases on the properties of individual substances and various methods of their prediction;
software modules for calculating the properties of individual substances and their mixtures that are absent in the database (as well as the parameters of equations for their calculation) according to the minimum amount of experimental data and the structural formulas of their molecules;
databases on computational modules of typical chemical technology processes occurring in reactors, absorption, rectification and extraction columns (with trays and packings of various types, as well as for the case of combined chemisorption and chemorectification processes), distillation apparatuses, heat exchangers of various types (shell-and-tube and plate, air coolers and pipe-in-pipe heat exchangers), compressors, pumps, filters, centrifuges, crushers, crystallizers, cyclones, dryers, etc .;
calculation modules for determining the design parameters of typical equipment for chemical industries – column apparatus, heat exchangers, tanks, pipelines, diaphragms, high-pressure apparatuses, etc .;
software modules for computational studies and optimization of technological schemes of chemical production, including periodic rectification;
software modules for calculating the parameters of the dynamic modes of chemical reactors and absorption and rectification columns together with regulators and actuators;
software modules for calculating the cost of chemical production equipment units.
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