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Working with Dlubal PLATE ‑ BUCKLING 8.24.01 full license

Working with Dlubal PLATE ‑ BUCKLING 8.24.01 full license

Descriptions: The RF-/PLATE-BUCKLING is available as an add‑on module for RFEM/RSTAB or as a separate stand‑alone program. It performs plate buckling analysis of rectangular plates according to the following standards: EN 1993‑1‑5:2006, DIN 18800‑3:1990‑11.
It is possible to apply horizontal or vertical stiffeners to the plates (for example flat plates, angles, T‑stiffeners, trapezoidal stiffeners, channel sections). Loading on the plate boundaries can be applied in several ways and can be imported from the main program RFEM/RSTAB. The plate buckling design in RF‑/PLATE‑BUCKLING is always performed on the total buckling panel as the potential stiffeners are considered in the 3D FE model. Thus, designs of single (c/t) parts or buckling panel sections are omitted.
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