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Jun 112021

Download Siemens Simcenter FloTHERM 2021.1.0 Win64 full license

Link download Siemens Simcenter FloTHERM 2021.1.0 x64 full crack

Working Siemens Simcenter FloTHERM 2021.1.0 full

Working Siemens Simcenter FloTHERM 2021.1.0 full

Description: FloTHERM is a Mentor Graphics product recently released by Siemens and part of the Simcenter suite; This software is in the field of simulating the cooling system of electronic components in the industry. This software is able to help you in further development and productivity by providing the most comprehensive cooling solutions for electronic components in products. In fact, the product in front of you, using advanced CFD techniques, is able to predict air flow, temperature and heat transfer in various components and parts of your product, and by providing efficient solutions, multiplies the efficiency of your products.
The developers of this software also claim that the product in front of you is the best industry solution for analyzing cooling systems around the world. In systems and data centers, the issue of heat and its control is one of the most important issues. The software in front of you allows engineers to easily focus on their analysis and get the best results. It should be noted that the product in front of you is a combination of popular MCAD and EDA tools.
Utilizing features such as importing different models and XML documents for parsing and processing along with accurate automatic results will save you time. On the other hand, due to the optimization of this software as well as DoE capabilities, it will make it possible and easier for you to achieve results. You can always create a new project, edit and reuse previous projects.
Features and specifications of FloTHERM software:
Very convenient and simple user interface with a combination of MCAD and EDA tools
Provides the ability to use intelligent and advanced thermal models
Existence of extensive information and resources to reduce the user’s working time in using this software
Benefit from the ability to create smart macro models (SmartParts)
Better and easier management despite drag-and-drop capability
Use the right solution for drawing and manipulating your models (style similar to CAD)
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