Jun 172020

Download midas MeshFree 2020 R1 (V410.1 build 20200427) x64 full

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Working with midas MeshFree 2020 R1 full license

Working with midas MeshFree 2020 R1 full license

Version: 2020 R1 (V410.1 buld 20200427)
Systems: 64bit
Interface language: Multilingual: English, Chinese Simplified, Korean (Russian is absent)
System Requirements: Windows 64-bit, nVidia GPU

Description: MIDAS MESHFREE- affordable comprehensive software for engineering calculations and optimization of design decisions
Supported calculation types:
Linear static
Heat transfer
Thermal stress
Topology optimization
Transient response
Frequency response
Random response
Response spectrum
Nonlinear static
Transient heat transfer.
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