Jun 262017

download CorelCAD 2017 v17.0.0.1335 Final 32bit 64bit full crack

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CorelCAD 2017 v17.0.0.1335 Final x86 x64
CorelCAD 2017 v17.0.0.1335 Final x86 x64
Design with CorelCAD 2017 v17.0.0.1335 Final full
Design with CorelCAD 2017 v17.0.0.1335 Final full

CorelCAD 2017 – CAD program for 2D design, 3D modeling and 3D printing
An intuitive interface and a full set of customizable CAD tools that work in an interactive environment make CorelCAD ™ 2017 the most versatile and cost-effective solution for computer-aided design. Professional tools provide an excellent result in performing accurate design work in two- and three-dimensional modes. CorelCAD 2017 uses .DWG as its own file format, which ensures compatibility with all major CAD programs and allows users to work in the familiar environment. The full version of the program runs on Windows and Mac platforms with the same high speed and performance. CorelCAD Mobile supports Android devices. Both current customers and new users of CorelCAD 2017 will appreciate the add-ins and plug-ins that harmonize with the dynamics of a variety of workflows.
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■ Powerful 2D and 3D modeling tools
■ Universal support for .DWG, .STL, .PDF and .CDR formats
■ Multiple output options, including output to 3D printers
■ Configuration and automation options
What’s New in CorelCAD 2017:
• Accurate construction of the center lines: the program presents easy-to-use tools for constructing exact center lines between pairs of lines, arcs or segments of polylines.
• Arrangement of the array along the path: new array commands extend the design capabilities by creating copies of specified objects along the path. The path path can take the form of lines, polylines, arcs, circles, ellipses or splines.
• Trimming options: effective tools “Trim” and “Auto Crop” provide the ability to accurately edit hatching, solid shapes, as well as monochrome and multicolor gradient fills.
• Automatic execution for commands: the automatic execution function for commands and variable names is aimed at optimizing the workflow.
• Split size: the program provides the ability to quickly separate the dimension and extension lines of measurement objects at points of intersection with other forms. Previously divided dimensional and extension lines can be reconnected.
• Instant transfer of objects: in order to work it was more convenient, the program provides the command CHANGESPACE for moving objects from the workspace “Model” to the layout sheet and vice versa.
• Formatting text attributes using the EDITXBLOCKATTRIBUTE command: Modifying the values ​​of the block attribute and the settings of the inserted blocks in any drawing allows you to display the actual characteristics of a particular component.
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