Feb 092017

Download Solid Edge ST9 Tutorials by video | learning Solid Edge ST9

Download Solid Edge ST9 training videos

Solid Edge ST9 Tutorials
Solid Edge ST9 Tutorials
videos learn Solid Edge ST9 Tutorials
videos learn Solid Edge ST9 Tutorials

Tutorials for Solid Edge ST9.Material free dostupe.Dlya those looking to video tutorials offline.
By watching these videos any one can observe and learn, proficient techniques that are applied during the 3D modeling.
1.Getting Started Tutorial ‘Solid Edge ST9’ 29:17
2.Introduction to detailed Drawings 9:41
3.Intermediate Part Modelling with Synchronous Features 6:39
4.Introduction to Synchronous Modeling 12:06
5.Building a Simple Slider Assembly 17:27
6.Building a Roller Assembly 8:13
7.Hinge Modelling along with Animation 32:16
9.Bolt and Nut
10.UNF Thread Profile External & Internal
11.Bolt and Nut with Motion Simulation
12.Combination Pliers
13.Combination Pliers with Animation
14.Nose Pliers
15.Nose Pliers with Animation
16.Helical Gear with Animation
17.Bevel Gear with Animation
18.Worm Gear with Animation
19.Rack and Pinion with Animation
20.Spur Gear (Internal) with Animation
21.Vise with Motion Simulation
22.Vise (Volume-1)
23.Vise (Volume-2)
24.Drill Machine (Volume-1)
25.Drill Machine (Volume-2)
26.Drill Machine with Animation
27.Pipe Wrench (Volume-1)
28.Pipe Wrench (Volume-2)
29.Pipe Wrench with Motion Simulation
30.Hand Vise
31.Screw Driver
32.Allen Screwdriver
33.Allen Screwdriver (Double Ended)
34.Tack Hammer
37.Sliding Latch of Door
38.Handle of Door
39.Latch created through Sheet Metal

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Feb 092017

download Delcam Crispin ShoeMaker 2015 R2 SP1 32bit 64bit full crack

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Delcam Crispin ShoeMaker 2015 R2 SP1 x86 x64 full crack
Delcam Crispin ShoeMaker 2015 R2 SP1 x86 x64 full crack
Design with Delcam Crispin ShoeMaker 2015 R2 SP1 x86 x64
Design with Delcam Crispin ShoeMaker 2015 R2 SP1 x86 x64

Delcam Crispin- solutions from Delcam for shoe industry
Allow to reduce the costs and timing of the preparation of new models.
At the stage of the stylistic design of computer simulations reduces the design time and speeds up the decision making based on visual materials prepared solutions. Discussion style can go a distance, using modern electronic technology.
Greatly simplified procedure gradation elements shoe size. Cutting Optimization saves material.
Ultimately, the transition to the computer design reduces costs and reduces the cost of development of new models of shoes.
ShoeDesign- main module for the design of the shoe upper.
Designer shoe imports from LastMaker or directly from scanners or from other CAD packages, as well as line style, if they are applied by hand.
When designing the shoes, the designer draws a line on the surface of the pad, the cursor moves on the surface of the pads and the line shows in 3D and 2D simultaneously.
Next, select the color, texture, material thickness and placed decorative elements – fasteners, stitching and more. Picked sole. The final stage is performed scan all the elements of shoes.
At the design stage it is important to be able to accurately visualize. For accurate transmission of invoices texture of the material used can be scanned and added to the database to be used when viewing the design. Decorative elements are three-dimensional elements, not flat images.
ShoeStyle- module to work only with the stylistic lines.
Lines are drawn on the cursor block may be modified and combined with the previously designed patterns.
The lines may be deployed in a plane for use in the manufacture of the modules or vice versa flat lines can be superimposed on the bulk block.
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Feb 082017

Download SOLIDWORKS 2017 Essential Training videos basic to advance

Link download solidworks 2017 training dvd

Solidworks 2017 tutorials by videos

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Essential Training
SOLIDWORKS 2017 Essential Training
download solidworks 2017 training by videos
solidworks 2017 training by videos

Get up to speed with SOLIDWORKS 2017 and unlock the benefits of the latest version of the software. In this course, Gabriel Corbett dives into essential tools and modeling concepts necessary to create manufacturing-ready parts and assemblies, detailed drawings, and a bill of materials. To begin, learn about the new features, and see how to how to use the basic sketch tools to create two-dimensional sketches that become the foundation for 3D objects. Next, look at modeling 3D features, creating complex objects using the Sweep, Loft, and Surface tools, and modifying parts. Explore more advanced modeling techniques using equations, mirroring, and patterning tools, and learn best practices for putting parts together in assemblies and building robust structures. The course wraps up with how to create drawings that relate the final parts and assemblies to a manufacturer, complete with an itemized bill of materials and drawing notes.
Topics include:
Advanced Sketch tools
Creating sketches
Modeling with the Extrude and Revolve features
Applying materials, colors, and backgrounds
Sketching basic shapes and polygons
Working with planes, axes, and the coordinate system
Creating smooth and angled corners with fillets and chamfers
Advanced part modeling with the Loft and Sweep features
Creating circular patterns
Using surfaces to build solid models
Using design tables
Adding assemblies to drawings
Including a bill of materials

1 Introduction to Solidworks
2 Solidworks Quick Start
3 Basic Part Modeling
4 Sketch Tools
5 Modifying Sketches
6 Reference Geometry
7 Part Modifications
8 Advanced Part Modeling
9 Hole Wizard
10 Blocks
11 Building Assemblies
12 Advanced Mates
13 In-Context Modeling
14 Using Design Tables
15 Part Drawings
16 Dimensioning
17 Adding General Annotations
18 Assembly Drawings
19 Conclusion

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