May 062017

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Altair HyperWorks 2017.0.0.24 Suite Linux64
Altair HyperWorks 2017.0.0.24 Suite Linux64
Working with Altair HyperWorks 2017.0.0.24 Suite Linux64
Working with Altair HyperWorks 2017.0.0.24 Suite Linux64

Hw2017_linux64.bin – master installer Altair HW 2017
HwAcuSolve2017_linux64.bin – installer Altair AcuSolve 2017
HwDesktop2017_linux64.bin – Installer Altair HWDesktop 2017
HwDesktopHelp2017_linux64.bin – Installer Altair HWDesktop Help 2017
HwFEKO2017_linux64.bin – installer Altair FEKO 2017
HwSolvers2017_linux64.bin – Installer Altair HWSolvers 2017
HwSolversHelp2017_linux64.bin – Altair installer HWSolvers Help 2017
HwSimLab2017_linux64.bin – Installer Altair SimLab 2017

Description: Altair HyperWorks 2017 is one of the most complete open architecture tools for CE modeling
HyperWorks 2017 modernizes the FE modeling and visualization by combining the capabilities of HyperMesh and HyperView in one solution. In addition, significant improvements in appearance have helped to create an even easier to use interface.
In HyperWorks 2017, in HyperMesh the possibilities of creating a grid for acoustics problems have been expanded, the possibility of three-dimensional visualization of shell and beam models has appeared.
Also, HyperWorks now includes new collaboration tools that provide the ability to work outside the organization. These updates, tightly integrated with HyperWorks applications, provide an intuitive experience of managing personal and shared data and processes without leaving the familiar HyperWorks environment.
Hundreds of other improvements and improvements make version 2017 the most feature-rich release of HyperWorks to date. A full list of new features, enhancements and enhancements to HyperWorks 2017 can be found on the HyperWorks website.
– Module for organizing input data, breaking up models, applying materials, etc.
Performs a quick and qualitative breakdown of the original model.
It can be launched in different “environments” under different solvers.
– The module for calculating dynamic impacts and collisions.
OptiStruct and RADIOSS
– Solvers of structural and nonlinear problems. Can be run both from under the shell and separately.
HyperView and HyperView Player
– Visualization and postprocessing module.
HyperStudy and HyperStudy DSS
– Module for performing optimization and multiparameter analysis.
HyperGraph and HyperGraph 3D
– Postprocessors with great capabilities.
MotionView and MotionSolve
– Viewer and solver for kinematics and dynamics.
Fully compatible (directly and back) with MSC.ADAMS, can calculate ADM and ACF files from ADAMS!
– Auto-breaking and support assemblies. Written in Java.
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