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Jun 262020
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Download Autodesk ReCap Pro 2021 x64 full license 100% working

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Working with Autodesk ReCap Pro 2021 full license

Working with Autodesk ReCap Pro 2021 full license

Description: ReCap is an interesting software from Autodesk for scanning and processing images and 3D modeling. Using this program, you can give different images of laser scanners to it and produce a three-dimensional model of the desired object. ReCap is also widely used in 3D modeling of images taken by UAVs or helicopters. In this method, the camera is connected to the heli shot, and high-level imaging of a recreational, sports or any other place is used to take many images, which can be processed by presenting these images to the ReCap program and the three-dimensional view of that place. Gained. In fact, ReCap is a program that specializes in processing large volumes of images taken from a specific subject, and finally provides a three-dimensional view of that subject.
ReCap Features:

Simple and functional user interface
Ability to get the final output in various 3D formats for additional processing in other related software
Very good compatibility with other Autodesk products
Ability to meshes images automatically with the ability to change meshes
It is possible to import images from GoPro cameras that can even take pictures from under the sea
Supports automatic gps tagging in EXIF ​​metadata format
Supports a variety of coordinate systems
Automatic conversion of images to meshes in RCM, IBJ, DBX formats
Ability to receive output in GEO TIFF format
Ability to export the model in the form of a network of three-dimensional points in RCS format
Ability to manually add corrective images to improve results
Ability to run multiple projects simultaneously
Ability to use software as a group and share data between team members (via another company product called A360)
Use cloud technologies to store and access data
Optimal and satisfactory processing power
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