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Mar 172023
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Download Minitab 21.4 win64 full license 100% working

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Working with Minitab 21.4 full license

Working with Minitab 21.4 full license

Description: Minitab 21.4 is one of the most famous quality control and statistical analysis programs, which is actually a smaller and simpler version of OMNITAB software. Minitab software is a suitable tool for the Six Sigma management method in order to create transformation and quality improvement in the organization and has a lot of ability in processing, calculation, analysis, preparation of reports and other complete statistical facilities and tools. The presence of statistical process control (SPC) and statistical quality control (SQC) in MiniTab and the ease of use of this software have made it one of the most popular statistical control programs in the industry. .
Features of Minitab 21.4 software :
– User-friendly environment, simple and easy
– Easy entry of data from various sources such as Excel software and various types of databases
– The existence of a complete set of all kinds of statistical tools, including descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, normal testing, and confidence intervals.
– Identifying the variables and identifying the relationships between the nature of important and effective factors on the quality of products and services
– Using graphic methods to display and describe data
– Drawing various types of tables and charts for statistical quality control such as sequence, cause and effect, Pareto bar, Ishikawa or fishbone, multivariable, symmetric diagram
– Advanced and multivariate analysis
– Estimating the lifespan of a product using a wide range of analytical tools
– Calculating and determining the correlation coefficient between different variables
– Analyzing time series and implementing ARMA and ARIMA models
– Prediction based on linear regression or linear regression and time series
– Has measurement systems analysis tools
– Simulation of random data based on different distributions
– Point and interval estimation (Point / Interval Estimation)
– Performing non-parametric tests with uncertain components and distribution
– Coordination and communication with software based on database and information bank
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