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Apr 082017
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working with Oasys Suite 14.0 windows 64bit full
working with Oasys Suite 14.0 windows 64bit full
working with Oasys Suite 14.0 Linux x64 full
working with Oasys Suite 14.0 Linux x64 full

The Oasys PRIMER pre-processor is designed to make preparation and modification of LS-DYNA models as fast and as simple as possible, improving user productivity and efficiency and reducing the time spent manipulating and developing models suitable for LS-DYNA.
Our priority with Oasys PRIMER is to provide complete support for every LS-DYNA keyword. The user can be assured that every model read in and written out will lose no data.
Main features:
Full support for LS-DYNA version 971
Connections function for defining various connections (e.g. spotwelds, bolts) including a Autoweld function that does not require an input file
Quick-pick menu for on-screen manipulation of entity display characteristics
Quick-pick menu for on-screen editing of LS-DYNA keywords
Easy access to part data through the Part Tree navigation menu, and Part Table
Cross reference viewer menu for tracking how different entities refer to each other
Airbag Folding including mesh-independent airbag folding
Seatbelt fitting including automatic seatbelt re-fitting after dummy re-positioning
Keyboard shortcut keys for most of the common functions
Simple meshing capability.
Full support for LS-DYNA parameters
Background image and image/model alignment function
Oasys PRIMER is designed specifically for pre-processing with LS-DYNA. Therefore the user interface is clear, simple and tailored towards LS-DYNA – without any compromises.
All of the common keywords can be created, modified and graphically visualised to help users understand exactly what a model contains and how the various entities are inter-related.
Oasys D3PLOT is a 3D visualisation and interrogation package for post-processing the results of LS-DYNA analyses.
Oasys D3PLOT provides animation, extraction and derivation of over 100 data components, with advanced graphics (including shading, contouring, lighting and transparency). First and foremost however it is an engineering tool which allows users to examine and process any aspect of LS-DYNA analysis results.
With support for multiple models as well as an Oasys T/HIS link window, our post-processor offers unrivalled ease of in-depth analysis, investigation and comparison of many analyses.
Oasys D3PLOT reads the binary results databases written by LS-DYNA, including the d3plot (ptf), ctf and xtf files. In addition, the static ztf file written by Oasys PRIMER can be read to allow visualisation of almost all LS-DYNA entities.
Main features:
In-depth access to the LS-DYNA results including over 100 different data components
Multiple windows
Quick-pick menu for on-screen manipulation of entity display characteristics
Oasys T/HIS link for viewing XY and graphical data at the together
User defined data components based on either formulas applied to basic LS-DYNA data components or from external files
Compare results with test images or movies using the Background Image/Movie function that includes an image/model alignment tools
Can output images and movies in a variety of formats
Keyboard shortcut keys for most of the common functions
Setting files allow predefined views, colour schemes, and layouts to be created and stored
Output keyword data (nodal positions, element stresses etc) for use in other models
Oasys T/HIS is an XY data plotting package designed primarily for use with LS-DYNA. It can read both the ASCII and binary results produced by LS-DYNA and basic CSV files.
Oasys T/HIS contains a wide range of functions that allow the user to manipulate the data into the format required. These include basic mathematical functions, commonly used filters (e.g. CFC180), and a number of specialist functions for calculating injury criteria in automotive impact analysis (e.g. HIC, VC, THIV).
Main features:
Full support for LS-DYNA version 971
Displays multiple graph windows across multiple pages
Full selection of mathematical functions
Selection of commonly used filters
Injury criteria functions for automotive impact analysis
Quick-pick menu for on-screen manipulation of curves
On-screen manipulation of data points using the mouse
Group curves together for easy handling
Keyboard shortcut keys for most of the common functions
FAST-TCF scripting language for setting up automatic post-processing
Oasys REPORTER is a program that enables fast and convenient post-processing of LS-DYNA results through the use of templates and scripts.
The user creates a report template using Oasys REPORTER, this template forms the basic structure of the report, and defines areas on the pages that are intended for text, pictures or graphs. These are then linked to scripts either user-defined or from the built-in library that will generate the actual content .
When generating a report from a completed template Oasys REPORTER will execute each of the scripts, automatically opening D3PLOT and T/HIS to produce the required images, and place them at the defined position in the report.
The user can also define variables which are passed between Oasys REPORTER and other Oasys programs as well as user-written scripts and programs. These variables can then be used to replace file and directory names, node and element numbers, or any other information the user wishes to include. This allows the user to use the same report for multiple runs simply by specifying the value of a small set of variables when generating a report rather than having to edit a whole series of scripts and command files.
Main features:
Full support for LS-DYNA version 971 and Oasys software
Compatible with scripts written in all major computer languages
Supports files from a mixed UNIX / PC system
Reports can be output in postscript, HTML, PDF and PowerPoint VBA formats
Use of user defined variables allows one report templates to be used with a series of different models
Eliminates the need for time consuming manual post-processing
Enable easy review and comparison of large sets of data
The Oasys SHELL provides the user with an easy method of accessing the individual stages of the LS-DYNA analysis. Oasys PRIMER, T/HIS, D3PLOT, and REPORTER software can all be started from the Oasys SHELL.
Most importantly, there is an advanced LS-DYNA submission shell for submitting analyses which allow the user easy access to the all the various options available when submitting an LS-DYNA run.
It also provides easy access to the Oasys and LS-DYNA manuals.
Main features:
Online, background, batch and queue (NQS/LSF/ CODINE) submission
Full control over queue and job CPU and memory limits
Selection of all LS-DYNA input and output files
Switch from the LSTC to the Arup naming convention (d3plot vs jobname.ptf)
Simplified restart procedure
Access to manuals (both HTML and pdf available)
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