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Feb 192024

Download Flite Software Piping Systems Fluid Flow 3.52 full license

Link download Flite Software Piping Systems Fluid Flow 3.52 full crack

Working with Flite Software Piping Systems Fluid Flow 3.52 full

Working with Flite Software Piping Systems Fluid Flow 3.52 full

Description: Flite Software Piping Systems Fluid Flow 3.52 – software for the complete design of hydraulic systems. The size of the problems solved in FluidFlow varies from a single pipe to a large complex pipeline system with both branched and closed sections, including pumping, tank and other hydraulic equipment. FluidFlow works with both liquid and gas media. FluidFlow is an interactive system – the algorithms used are capable of dynamically (in real time) performing calculations and displaying results as input data is entered. Interactivity allows you to use FluidFlow to simulate (model) the operation of an existing or reconstructed hydraulic system – possible problems are identified in real time and can be easily eliminated. The system is equipped with a friendly interface for entering and presenting data: the user has at his disposal the ability to simultaneously view data and diagrams, and interactive editing functions (drag, scroll, zoom, cancel an operation), and copying tools via the clipboard, as well as other functions of the Windows interface, which allow you to specify a design scheme with minimal time and maximum flexibility. Data consistency and integrity are checked on a continuous basis – so verification occurs as you enter source data, and you receive results and error notifications immediately. The unified storage of computational and visual models makes it possible to analyze the system as a whole, without breaking it down into fragments.
FluidFlow is model, design or analyze any liquid, gas, two-phase, slurry or non-Newtonian pipe flow system from a single software solution.
Features of Flite Software Piping Systems Fluid Flow 3.52
– Intuitive User Interface, short learning curve & rapid model construction helps save up to 80% time versus spreadsheets.
– Comprehensive databases of fluids, pipes and fittings included as standard. Quickly & easily add your own fluids and components to master databases.
– Modular environment allows users to simulate liquid, gas, slurry or two-phase flow.
– Proven calculation reliability helps engineers create accurate designs and avoid costly errors.
– Designed and quality assured to enable users to produce economic and technically sound models, in the shortest possible time.
– FluidFlow is rigorously tested and verified against published data and real-world operating systems on a continuous basis.
– FluidFlow offers a fast and effective approach to automatically sizing piping and associated equipment.
– Accelerate the design process and avoid unnecessary over-sizing of piping and equipment, saving both design time and capital cost.
– FluidFlow will propose the most economical pipe size based on physical property data, capital equipment cost and energy costs.
– Heat transfer functionality and database of insulation materials included on all FluidFlow modules, as standard.
– Consider conduction, radiation, and convection losses and optimize energy usage.
– Model shell and tube exchangers, plate exchangers, coils and autoclaves.
– Communicate your designs quickly and effectively with fully customisable reports.
– Personalise reports with company logos and standard report format.
– Export complete flowsheet, bill of materials and generate reports in PDF, Word & Excel.
– Piping Component Files (.pcf’s) are file formats generated by various CAD tools such as SmartPlant 3D, CADWorx, Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, Plant4D, Autoplant, Smart 3D and more.
– Put these files to even further use by importing PCF Files to FluidFlow.
– Streamline design process and significantly reducing time required to solve and build piping systems.
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