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Jun 022022

Download Mastercam 2023 (v25.0.14245.10) for SolidWorks 2012-2022 x64

Link download Mastercam 2023 (v25.0.14245.10) for SolidWorks 2012-2022 win64

Working with Mastercam 2023 (v25.0.14245.10) for SolidWorks 2012-2022 full

Working with Mastercam 2023 (v25.0.14245.10) for SolidWorks 2012-2022 full

Description: Efficient automated 2D-3D processing.
To perform 2D-3D machining, Mastercam for SolidWorks has the powerful feature of Feature Based Machining (FBM).
By analyzing a part for specific geometry features (surface, size, hole pattern, etc.), FBM automatically generates an efficient processing strategy for the recognized features.
Among the main functions, the following should be noted:
* Facing in case of detection of an allowance above the surface of the part.
* Processing open, nested and through pockets.
* Roughing and finishing toolpaths for each pocket.
* Recognition of holes and the creation of centering, drilling, reaming, chamfering, and threading operations according to specified criteria.
Rough and finish 3D processing, including post-processing.
The main haul effectively removes the bulk of the stock.
High Speed ​​Machining (HSM) provides the fastest processing technology and superior surface finish. Mastercam for SolidWorks includes a set of fully associative high-speed toolpaths to get the most out of your CNC equipment.
* The strategies “Basic selection” and “Cleaning the area” effectively remove the bulk of the allowance due to the use of toolpaths that are configured to “peel” the workpiece or “grow” the material from the cavities.
* The “Remachining” strategy smoothly removes the allowance left after previous roughing passes.
* Using a constant 3D pitch between passes, the “Comb” finishing strategy produces the same surface quality (roughness) on sloped and flat surfaces of the part.
* Finishing strategy “Horizontal areas” quickly processes flat horizontal surfaces of the part.
* “Spiral”, “Radial” and “Raster” machining strategies provide extensive options for machining various types of parts.
* “Pencil” strategy creates tool movements along the lines of intersection of the faces of a solid body in order to process hard-to-reach areas of the part.
Reliable trajectory verification
Verification of the machining of a solid body with simulated material removal allows you to check the toolpaths before they are actually processed on the machine.
Mastercam gives you the confidence that your equipment can handle any level of processing complexity. With Mastercam’s toolpath verification tools, you can easily verify that toolpaths and motions are created exactly the way you want them to be.
* Available to view and measure the part in the process of verifying the processing of a solid part from a solid workpiece. During machining simulation, the tool and chuck are displayed and checked for gouge. video
* It is possible to plot trajectories using the “Backplot” tool and get the processing cycle time. Available dynamic view of all the necessary information about the tool and operation at any point in the toolpath, as well as scaling individual areas for a more detailed view.
* Fast verification of 2D toolpaths with tool drawing to check the final result of finishing operations.
Efficient Part Programming Tools and Toolpath Management Toolpath is just one part of what makes a good part program. Total toolpath control as well as machine and CNC settings optimize every operation as much as possible.
* Full control of all aspects of approach and retraction of the tool.
* Safety zones help to ensure the safety of tool retraction movements when working with any type of toolpaths.
* Significant reduction in the size of the program due to the use of the trajectory filter.
* Use of all types of tools: ball, disc, conical, etc.
* User-configurable tool and material libraries automatically calculate feed rate and spindle speed.
* Trajectory Manager keeps the operations of all your projects in one place. Quickly create, edit and verify toolpaths or copy and paste parameters from one operation to another. Using equipment groups to organize operations and make it easy to copy/paste toolpaths and tool information from one machine group to another.
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