Nov 132020

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Working with Pixologic ZBrush 2021.5 full license

Working with Pixologic ZBrush 2021.5 full license

Description: The release of ZBrush 2021.5 took place, the information about which was presented on November 11, the software received new tools for editing surface details, including a new “neat” Thick Skin system for changing only the surface layer of the sculpture. The update also received ZModeller – a set of tools for modeling solid surfaces.
New features include a thick leather system that limits sculptural detail to the surface of the model. Thanks to this function, you can simulate traditional modeling by simulating the behavior of real clay. It works with any standard ZBrush, alpha channel, and stroke type, and the sculpting layer thickness is adjustable, which determines how far the strokes penetrate or create the surface.
A contrast system has also been added, through which surface details can be manipulated. According to the developers, this feature is especially useful when 3D printing models and allows you to emphasize surface details so that the print is more clear, without the risk of changing the main sculpture.
Rendering changes include a new Preview AO option in Preview Render, a ZBrush real-time rendering mode. When activated, occlusion is applied to the preview, darkening the recessed areas of the sculpture, thereby emphasizing surface details and making it easier to accurately assess their effect. The BPR system also received a new Radial Overlay filter that simulates the effect of a ray of light that illuminates the model.
ZModeller also received an update, including a new Slice Mesh option that cuts edges directly into a polygonal mesh. In addition to manipulating the mesh’s topology, it can be used to create surface shapes by cutting an enclosed area on the mesh surface, converting it to a PolyGroup, and then extruding or deepening all the groups.
A – You don’t have ZBrush 2021 installed
1. Install ZBrush using ZBrush_2021.5_Installer.exe
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B – You have ZBrush 2021 installed
1. Copy file ZBrush_2021.5_Updater.exe to the folder with ZBrush installed.
2. Install the update using ZBrush_2021.5_Updater.exe
3. Replace the ZBrush.exe file in the ZBrush installed folder with the ZBrush.exe file from the ZB Crack folder.
It will not be superfluous to block the Zbrush application from the Internet using a firewall.
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