Sep 032017

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Working with EMCoS Studio 2017 full license
Working with EMCoS Studio 2017 full license
Working with EMCoS Studio 2017 full crack
Working with EMCoS Studio 2017 full crack

EMCoS Studio 2017- 3D PEEC Solution for Power Electronics Applications

EMCoS Studio introduces new 3D PEEC (Partial Elements Equivalent Circuit) solution for power electronics applications.

With this solution accurate estimation of parasitic RLC parameters of complex 3D geometries (PCB layouts, bus bars, motors, etc.) can be

successfully done. Automatic generation of equivalent circuits gives possibility to easily construct system level model based on

functional circuits, parasitic parameters and additional components.

Advanced post processing tools for RLC matrices analysis are provided in updated EMCoS SimDAT environment.

Library of Voxel Based Human Models

• NEVA, TARO-based, Austin Man and Woman voxel based models
• Models are available with different resolutions and virtual skeleton allowing model posing
• Materials Library is extended with properties of body tissues

Efficient Models Posing Tools

• Auxiliary arrows for manipulation of virtual bone rotation around joints
• Restrictions for skeleton rotation by biologically possible scenarios
• User-defined model poses

ICNIRP Based Human Exposure Analysis

• Simulated electric/magnetic field and current density analysis relative to ICNIRP levels
• Single-frequency exposure analysis
• Multi-frequency exposure analysis
• General public and occupational exposure scenarios

Filter Components Library

New integrated library of pre-assembled standard filter components of different types (capacitors, inductors, chokes) provides possibility

to easily add a desired component to 3D filter layout. The library is based on OEM datasheets and measurements of actual components.

Radar Cross Section Calculation

New tools for calculation of monostatic radar cross-section (RCS) of the model when excited by a linear polarized wave from different

directions specified by spherical angles θ, φ and polarization angle η.

• New Radar Cross Section observation object
• 2D post processing tool for Radar Cross Section analysis
• 3D post processing tool for Radar Cross Section visualization

Improved PO Solution

Improved PO solution allows consideration of infinite ground, determination and excluding from analysis shaded regions, analysis of

different types of sources (plane wave, electric/magnetic dipole, near field source, radiation pattern source).

New System Diagram and Schematic Features

• Manual re-routing of connection wires
• Support of nets labeling
• Automatic generation of symbol for N-pin package element
• Labels and nets coloring
• Selection of entire net
• Selection of circuit elements by type
• Inserting bitmap into Symbol Editor
• Copying/pasting drawing in Symbol Editor
• Improved drawing grid
• Search circuit elements by mask
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