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Mar 202023
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Download QSR Nvivo Pro x86 x64 full license forever

Link download QSR Nvivo Pro win64 full cracked

Working with QSR Nvivo 12 Pro v12.6.0.959 full

Working with QSR Nvivo 12 Pro v12.6.0.959 full

Descriptions: Nvivo Pro software is mainly used for text analysis in qualitative research. In this way, the data (the text of the conducted interviews, or descriptive answers to the questionnaires) are entered into this software, then it is possible to code the text, and finally, the software is used to check the existing codes and their relationship with The characteristics of the participants are used. The ability to organize information and search for words in all available data are considered to be of great help to the researcher. There are also facilities for modeling and displaying the model with geometric shapes.
An explanation about the parts of the software :
source: refers to files containing data, such as the transcript of an interview. It can be included in the software or it can be independent
case: it usually refers to any person participating in the research.
casebook: It is a table that displays all the cases and their characteristics and is suitable for research and exploration.
node: is a code or feature that we assign to a part of the text. Depending on the chosen philosophy, the type of encoding will be different. For example, in grounded theory, free coding is done at first.
relationship: indicates the relationship between two things and is suitable for modeling and depicting ideas.
attributes:It is a characteristic of a case. Codes are considered to be the specifications of a source and have nothing to do with people! Therefore, if it is necessary to determine the characteristics of a person, it should be done by creating an attribute. To draw a diagram and some other things, it is necessary to define the appropriate attribute. It is better to define each option individually in the form of “has/does not”, rather than defining multiple options for one attribute. In this case, there will be no problem for cases where a person has several options at the same time, and it will be easier to compare people.
matrix: to check the number of items in a table consisting of different application options. For example, a table in which one column is made up of different levels of education and its rows are made up of different levels of age groups. The result is a table that tells us how many people we have from each cell (which represents a group with a certain age and education).
Queries:It is useful for searching the number of specific cases of a thing or finding the desired words.
annotation: useful for taking notes.
set: It is a group of the above items that are related to each other in some way. Dr. Silverman mentioned somewhere that he used
this software to organize his personal notes for writing a book . Therefore, software can be a tool with multiple applications. This software is used by management and sociology students and several other fields.
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