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Aug 042023
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Download MkaPEB 2019.1.1.1 x64 full license 100% working

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Working with MkaPEB 2019.1.1.1 full license

Working with MkaPEB 2019.1.1.1 full license

Descriptions: In the construction market all over the world, more than 70% of all steel buildings are single-storey non-residential steel buildings. MkaPEB was developed specifically for the design of such buildings.

01- Modelling
There are very advanced software in the world for the creation of the static model. They cannot come close to our speed with our widely used ready-made steel structure templates. because Mkapeb is fully parametric.

02- Load analysis
Load analysis takes a lot of time. It needs to be refreshed when the build model changes. It is very difficult to accurately calculate complex loadings such as wind in general purpose software.
MkaPEB recognizes the structure. It does not leave the analysis of complex loads to the user. It calculates and assigns itself to the relevant building elements. Thus, it prevents the user from making mistakes.

03- Structural Anaysis
MkaPEB performs static analyzes with the FEM method like advanced softwares.
It has many actual building design codes.
It is based on AISC-360-10, AISC-360-16, EN-1991-1-1, IS-800, CYHTYE-2018 standards in the design of hot rolled steel structural elements
It makes the design of light steel elements that can be used in roof purlins and wall purlins according to EN-1991-1-3. We are working on AISI-S100-16′, it will be added shortly.
The design of reinforced concrete structural elements such as concrete columns can be made according to EN-1992 or ACI-318-16.
Design of steel structural elements in accordance with the seismic codes (AISC-341-16)
It has its own design engine for steel connections. MkaPEB can design connections according to EN-1993-1-8 or AISC-360-16 and AISC design guides.
A structure with wrong foundation calculations will eventually collapse. Especially in structures with high, high-capacity cranes, the soil bearing capacity is checked for the correct determination of the foundation dimensions. The field of geotechnical engineering was entered and the Meyerhof formula, which was also found in EN-1997, was used.
Many calculations may have been made. Unlike advanced software, the results are not given only in tables. Detailed account reports have been prepared. These reports are almost like a school project.

04- 3D Modelling
The most important of the unique features of MkaPEB is that it can switch from the static model to the 3D building model.
It has a very strong CAD infrastructure. It does not cause problems even in very large building models.
2D drawings required for the approval and fabrication project are obtained from the 3D model.
DSTV-NC files required to produce the steel structure with CNC machines can be produced with MkaPEB.
Almost all steel structure manufacturers prepare their fabrication projects with Tekla Structures. We understand that they do not use our drawings as there is no tolerance for error. We have developed the export to Tekla feature with original Tekla macros so that they do not waste time in remodeling with Tekla.

05- Cost Analysis
The customer’s greatest curiosity is the cost of the steel structure to be built. With MkaPEB, a quick but approximate cost can be calculated. After creating the 3D model, it is possible to calculate the net cost.
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