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Jun 052021
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Download ACI Services eRCM Pro v1.6.0.0 full license forever

Link download ACI Services eRCM Pro v1.6.0.0 full cracked

Working with ACI Services eRCM Pro v1.6.0.0 full

Working with ACI Services eRCM Pro v1.6.0.0 full

Descriptions: eRCM Pro replaces the highly successful eRCM Reciprocating Compressor Modeling Software, which enjoyed a twenty-year journey of helping end users model, tune, reapply, and configure their reciprocating compressors.

With so many compressors, so many performance methods, so many PLC implementations and so many restrictions for safe use, ACI’s eRCM Modeling Software provides the ideal solution to model compressor performance.

Simply specify the compressor’s geometry (frame, cylinder, stage, throw, valving, etc.) via direct inputs or by importing data from OEM software, and eRCM Pro displays that unit’s performance curves: Pressure vs. Load, Pressure vs. Flow, Pressure vs. Pressure and more, including graphs of net rod load forces, PV/PT cards, Torque Effort, and more.

Operating conditions change. Will adding a 500 in³ clearance pocket to a cylinder’s head end give enough unloading to accommodate the new operating map? Within seconds you’ll have your answer via eRCM Pro.

Tired of Gas Control using one method to predict unit performance, while engineers use another, and the PLC/operators are using yet another method to actually control the hardware? eRCM provides one methodology for disciplines within your company.

Want to see if the packager’s unloading sequence can be improved? With eRCM Pro you can easily check any combination of volume pockets and end deactivation. Including adding spacers to increase fixed clearances or adding filler pieces to volume pockets to decrease additional clearances. You can even check safety at Start Up, and check safety if certain valves fail.

No compressor performance program would be complete without the ability to improve your models. eRCM Pro does just this. Enter valid analyzer data in the tuning section, and eRCM Pro will auto-adapt the performance predictions to accommodate the real-world effects of pulsation, actual valve and parasitic losses, friction losses, etc.
eRCM Pro features:
Model entire stations
Manage previous versions of your models
Fully International aware interface
Impressive list of Units of Measure
Advanced thermodynamic calculations using ProSim now included – full support for 400 gases with liquid dropouts
Still, the fastest performance and graphs in the industry!
As you expect with eRCM, fully dynamic compressor performance, PV cards, Force Plots, Torque Effort Plots, etc.
Advanced support for Side Streams and Gas Mixing
Improved valve modeling
Improved gas preheat modeling
Improved Load Step Sequence creation
Full tables, curves, and 3D plot generation
Support for Clearance devices, End Deactivation devices, Timed-valve Closing devices, Gas Stepless devices, and even variable stroke devices
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