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Jan 032023
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Download Altair PSIM 2022.2.0 Win64 full license forever

Link download Altair PSIM 2022.2.0 x64 full cracked

Working with Altair PSIM 2022.2.0 full license

Working with Altair PSIM 2022.2.0 full license

Systems: 64bit
Interface language: English
System requirements: Win 8.1/10

Description: PSIM program for the design and simulation of power electronics and motor control devices. Power electronics simulation in PSIM provides high simulation speed while providing high quality results at the system level.
Verification and simulation in PSIM
The design verification process in the early stages of design is critical to ensure a reliable product design. PSIM provides a wide range of design validation tools:
Monte Carlo Analysis. This is a statistical analysis that calculates the response of the circuit when the parameters of the components change randomly according to a given statistical distribution (eg, normal (Gaussian) distribution, uniform distribution, etc.). Monte Carlo analysis can be used to evaluate the effect of key component changes on the output power of a power converter. A change in a component may be the result of a manufacturing tolerance or the wear of a component over time. Monte Carlo analysis is recommended to understand what tolerances key components should have.
Sensitivity Analysis allows you to determine how the output characteristics of a circuit change when one or more of its components change. This analysis is often used to determine the most sensitive key components in a chain.
Fault Analysis allows you to analyze the performance of a circuit under fault conditions such as a short circuit or an open circuit in a component. Failure analysis helps evaluate whether a design can pass various failure tests and whether a particular failure could lead to catastrophic consequences.
The results of design verification can greatly help an engineer evaluate and improve the performance and reliability of a design.
Inline code generation
SimCoder automatically generates high quality C code from the PSIM control circuit. Automatic code generation eliminates human error and improves design speed, reduces development costs, and speeds time to market.
Thermal simulation
For switching devices (diodes, MOSFETs, IGBTs), thermal simulation allows calculation of losses either under a fixed temperature effect or when heat is dissipated through a heatsink thermal equivalent circuit. Thermal analysis will ensure that devices remain in a safe work area. Starting with PSIM 11, the user can simulate the characteristics of wide bandgap semiconductors – SiC and GaN – using a MOSFET (Eon).
The PSIM core and winding losses for inductors are based on core dimensions, winding physical structure, etc., to account for complex relationships such as the proximity effect. Loss calculations depend on temperature, and models use junction temperature or core temperature to reflect this dependence.
PSIM functionality
Analysis and design of complex electric drive systems
Significantly speed up your drive design process – quickly and easily. PSIM provides powerful tools for the design, simulation and analysis of electric drives.
– Evaluation of engine performance.
– Construction of the current/speed feedback loop controller:
• Touch or sensorless control, FOC/DTC.
– Dimensioning the main components of the power converter:
• Calculate inverter losses and compare devices.
• DC bus size and size. coupling capacitor.
• EMI filter evaluation.
Power supplies
– Evaluation of several topologies and converter performance:
• Worst case analysis and Monte Carlo analysis.
• Frequency analysis.
• Sensitivity and failure analysis.
– Switching speed and its effect on:
• Dimensions of magnets and capacitors.
• Strength and losses in components.
• Electromagnetic interference.
– Development and operation of the electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter.
– Development and implementation of the management system:
• Analog or digital
• Bandwidth
• Implementation and validation of digital management
• Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP)
Batteries, Photovoltaics, Wind turbines
Energy storage and generation are becoming increasingly important as the grid becomes more distributed and renewables make up an increasing share of electricity generation. Users of PSIM solutions use battery and photovoltaic (PV) models for microgrids, satellite power flow simulations, electric vehicle (EV) drives, and more. All car models have 4 quadrants, allowing you to “move” or “generate”. Use this feature to simulate an electric vehicle propulsion system with drive cycles and regenerative braking, or combine it with our wind turbine model to simulate a wind power system.
Key features of the model include:
• Various battery models: look-up table based, equation based, variable charge/discharge resistance, etc.
• Various photovoltaic models: based on technical data, normalized based on standards.
• Wind turbine
• Supercapacitor
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