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May 202017
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Features of Autodesk Moldflow 2012 SP2
Features of Autodesk Moldflow 2012 SP2
Working with Autodesk Moldflow 2012 SP2 full license
Working with Autodesk Moldflow 2012 SP2 full license

Autodesk® Moldflow® provides modeling tools for the plastic injection molding process, which allows you to optimize the design of plastic parts and molds for them. The product allows you to study the effect of wall thickness, the location of the gates, materials and the geometry of parts on the manufacturability of production. Autodesk Moldflow supports solid geometry for both thin-walled and thick-walled parts. You can experiment with different versions of the product before you come to a final decision.
Autodesk® Moldflow® Adviser contains tools designed to model and optimize the design of parts, injection molds and tooling long before production begins. Modeling of the process of plastic casting using a digital prototype allows to reduce the number of physical prototypes required for testing and to bring products to the market faster.
Providing intuitive training and daily work, Autodesk Moldflow Adviser provides recommendations for solving potential production problems. Identifying problems and reporting them in the early stages of the production cycle, Autodesk Moldflow Adviser ensures the reliability of designing and manufacturing of plastic parts.
Autodesk® Moldflow® Insight contains a complete set of tools for modeling the process of manufacturing plastic parts. Autodesk Moldflow Insight allows you to analyze the process of injection molding and provides the ability to model and optimize plastic parts and injection molds for them.
Autodesk Moldflow Insight allows you to simulate the stages of injection and holding under pressure, predict the movement of the front of the melt and achieve high quality of the produced parts. Widely used by many manufacturers in the automotive and packaging industries, as well as in medical and consumer electronics, Autodesk Moldflow Insight reduces the need for modifications and physical prototypes, minimizes production delays and helps enterprises in the shortest time to bring innovative products to the market.
Autodesk® Moldflow® Design Link. You can combine the volume details and import them directly from CAD based on Parasolid®, Autodesk® Inventor®, CATIA®, Pro / ENGINEER® and SolidWorks®, as well as from the universal IGES and STEP formats.
Autodesk® Moldflow® CAD Doctor. This tool allows you to check, correct and simplify solid models imported from 3D CAD, in preparation for calculations.
Autodesk® Moldflow® Communicator helps you to work with production personnel, supply engineers, suppliers and customers. Results Viewer Autodesk Moldflow Communicator works directly with Autodesk® Moldflow® files, giving all participants in the process the ability to study and compare the results of calculations.
At any stage of design and production of plastic parts and molds for them, Autodesk Moldflow Communicator allows you to exchange the results of calculations with participants in a distributed project team. This helps to reduce the amount of expensive modifications and avoid many manufacturing defects.
Autodesk® Inventor® Fusion. Easy-to-use 3D modeling system, providing intuitive possibilities of direct manipulation of objects. Inventor Fusion provides users with the benefits of direct and parametric modeling. Engineers and industrial designers can easily explore complex spatial forms, while fully preserving their parametric history. In Inventor Fusion, you can easily open, edit and implement 3D models in the design of products, prepared in a variety of source CAD. Users are given unlimited opportunities to quickly make changes to ongoing projects.
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