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Aug 272023
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Download CHC Geomatics Office 2 v2.3.1.20230613 full license forever

Link download CHC Geomatics Office 2 v2.3.1.20230613 full cracked

Working with CHC Geomatics Office 2 v2.3.1.20230613

Working with CHC Geomatics Office 2 v2.3.1.20230613

Descriptions: CHCNAV Geomatics Office Software (CGO) 2.0 is a powerful office software solution, designed for engineers as an integrated platform to make a link between field and office workflow from multiple sensors and generating rich deliverables. It supports 4 modules: GNSS, RTK, road and UAV, which allows for processing massive fieldwork data in one software.
CHC Geomatics Office 2 v2.3.1.20230613 Key Features
1. More Processing Modules
GNSS module is for processing data with Static, PPK and PPP algorithms. RTK module is for editing surveyed features and correcting field coordinates by using PPK post-processing results. Road module is for checking and inputting designed road elements for road stakeout, and UAV data processing module is for getting corrected UAV track coordinates by using both RTK and PPK algorithms.
2. Fast Post-processing Engine
CGO 2.0 delivers absolute accurate georeferenced positions with faster, reliable and accurate baseline processing and adjustment algorithms. It has ability to process GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo static or dynamic data. Besides, it supports intuitive post-processing workflow with quality check, selectable online map and CORS reference data downloading.
3. Effective Post-processing Function
CGO 2.0 allows for post-processing static and dynamic data with PP, PPK, PPP, DGPS algorithms. It also provides stable and accurate baseline processing result and high-speed processing algorithms for the baseline.
4. Powerful Adjustment Function
CGO 2.0 supports 3D and constraint network adjustment, users can also configure parameters of data quality, baseline weighting, adjustment methods and network reference factor.
5. Accurate PPP Solution
CGO 2.0 provides accurate results after processing with auto-downloading of precise ephemeris, it also allows for configuring parameters of observation file, environment and ephemeris.
6. Seamless Field-to-office Work
Using PPK post-processing results to correct RTK data is available now, users can configure coordinate system, points and features, localisation, base shift, import base maps of imported projects and export for filed application.
7. Convenient Road Editor
CGO 2.0 supports user-friendly road elements editing with Excel data pasting, allows for editing road centerline, alignments, sections and slopes data along with facilities such as ditch and bridge, and checking road data by coordinates or mileage.
8. Fast UAV Data Processing
CGO 2.0 allows for getting corrected UAV track coordinates by using both RTK and PPK algorithms, and viewing corrected UAV track coordinates of each capture. Besides, it also supports UAV track display with both positioning data and RTK data.
9. Extensive Import Files
CGO 2.0 supports .HCN (CHCNAV observation format), .O (RINEX file format), .NOV, .BD9, .D, .N, .G, .C, .L, .P, .HRC files in GNSS module, .csv, .txt, .dat files in RTK module, .rod in Road module, and GNSS data files (.HCN, .O, .NOV, .BD9, .D, .N, .G, .C, .L, .P, .HRC) and UAV positioning data files (.txt) in UAV module.
10. Extensive Export Files
CGO 2.0 supports reports as .HTML and .txt files in GNSS module, .KML, .SHP, .DXF, .HTML, .csv, and .RAW files in RTK module, .dat, .csv, .KML and .KMZ files, .txt files in UAV module, and allows for saving the road file as a .rod file in Road module.
11. Various Base Maps
CGO 2.0 have access to process data with various online maps (Bing Map, OSM, WMS and WMTS) and offline base maps (.DXF, .SHP and .SIT).
12. Embedded Help Tools
CGO 2.0 allows for calling out user guide and work flows by one click, and viewing the software information. Besides, it supports modular registration and display control.
13. More Intuitive Interface
CGO 2.0 allows for following the ease-to-use interface to complete workflow, and viewing guidance in the user-friendly message box. It also has ability to customise layout and modules displaying which makes the software adapt to your working habits.
14. More Tools
CGO 2.0 offers access to different tools to make office work easier, including coordinates converter, antenna manager, TIFF map compressor (SIT), angle calculator, distance and volume calculation functions, RINEX converter and observation split and merge tools.
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