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Jan 292023
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Download ESSS Rocky DEM 2023 R1.0 (23.1.0) Win64 full license

Link download ESSS Rocky DEM 2023 R1.0 (23.1.0) full cracked

Working with ESSS Rocky DEM 2023 R1.0 (23.1.0) Win64 full

Working with ESSS Rocky DEM 2023 R1.0 (23.1.0) Win64 full

Description: ROCKY is an effective software for modeling bulk media using the Discrete Element Method (MDE or DEM – Discrete Element Method), which allows you to quickly and most realistically simulate the behavior of the flow of particles of bulk material with the necessary properties in any processes and devices.
ROCKY is a state-of-the-art simulation software for bulk material processes and related equipment. The software product uses the Discrete Element Method (DEM), which allows you to quickly and accurately calculate the behavior of the flow of particles of various shapes and sizes as it moves along conveyor lines, on vibrating screens, in mills, crushers and other types of processing and transport equipment .
The ROCKY software product was created based on 20 years of experience in developing computational methods using DEM technologies at Granular Dynamics International LLC, a division of Conveyor Dynamics, Inc. Further development of the product will be carried out by the Brazilian company ESSS. Initially, the development of the product took place in relation to the tasks of mineral processing, with a focus on calculating the movement of particles in cylindrical mills and continuous transport systems. With the release of new versions, the capabilities of ROCKY have significantly expanded, and allow you to perform a wider range of tasks, for example, calculation and visualization of abrasive wear of equipment working surfaces, calculation of air flows arising from the movement of bulk material particles during transportation, and much more.
From other software solutions using the DEM method, ROCKY differs primarily in the possibility of using realistic non-spherical particles, modeling their destruction without loss of mass and volume, as well as calculating and visualizing the abrasive wear of the working surfaces of equipment elements. With the ability to create realistic particle shapes that behave just like real particles, taking into account various “flow” conditions, ROCKY can simulate the operation of almost any installation.
•Efficient computing;
• Double precision calculations (using the corresponding GPU function);
• Wide range of particle size distribution;
•Non-spherical particles;
•Accounting for the rheology of dry and wet materials;
• Calculation and three-dimensional visualization of abrasive wear of surfaces;
•Setting rotation, translational and vibrational motion of equipment elements;
•Easy import of 3D CAD geometric models, clear specification of initial data and boundary conditions of calculation;
•Integration with ANSYS finite element solvers;
•Management of animation of simulation results and creation of panoramic video reports.
ROCKY is a unique software package that can be configured according to the requirements of the customer company. The ESSS team will ensure that the program code is modified to suit your specific requirements.
Integration and data transfer
– The Rocky software package allows you to import XGL, STL and DXF files that can be exported from CAD programs such as Autodesk Inventor or AutoCAD;
– Data on the geometric model and the force of the particles can be saved and transferred to the Finite Element Analysis (FEM) system
Joint calculations in ROCKY and ANSYS
Bulk materials have been widely used and recycled in various industries for centuries. However, there is still a lack of accurate information about their behavior in various conditions. In some cases bulk materials behave like discrete solids, in others they behave like liquids or even undergo compression like gases.
There is a growing need to create a reliable predictive model of the behavior of bulk materials, taking into account the impact on equipment elements, thereby solving design problems when upgrading or creating new innovative equipment.
The simplest case of particle-to-structure interaction (PSI) involves the transfer from a DEM solver (for example, Rocky) of a set of data on force loads from particles of bulk material on structural elements. The ANSYS solver (or other FEM solver) calculates the response of a structure to the force impact of a particle flow. ROCKY contains a fast and accurate algorithm for performing joint DEM and FEM calculations for mismatched computational grids.
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