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Apr 252017
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Geomagic Studio 10 SR1 32bit 64bit
Geomagic Studio 10 SR1 32bit 64bit
Geomagic Studio 10 SR1 downloading
Geomagic Studio 10 SR1 downloading

Geomagic Studio – a software package that provides extensive opportunities for reverse engineering, allowing you to create a surface model of the object on digitized data. The package differs from others in its ease of operation and training, an intuitive interface and high speed with large data volumes (up to 100 million points). The support of multiprocessor computing systems is realized. It supports interaction with almost all scanners and 3D digitization devices, as well as import of digitization data of various formats.
The program implements the ability to combine several point clouds into one. The program Geomagic Studio has a large number of tools for cleaning the array of data from “noise” (mistakenly digitized points), reducing the number of points by thinning and ordering, taking into account the curvature. There are ample opportunities for creating triangulated surfaces, filling holes in them taking into account the curvature of the surface.
There are tools for editing polygons, smoothing, applying logical operations (intersection, union, subtraction) and drawing text. The program automatically determines the planes, cylinders, axes, round and rectangular holes and grooves. Geomagic Studio allows both manually and completely automatically, to create NURBS surfaces. There are tools for determining flat surfaces, as well as for intersecting the resulting surface with planes. There is the possibility of analyzing the curvature of the surface, comparing it with the initial point cloud to assess the quality of the model construction.
The Geomagic Studio software package includes the ability to automate processes using templates and macros, as well as writing native programming modules in Visual Basic, C, C ++ or Java.
The resulting triangulated and NURBS surfaces are exported to any CAD system, design and animation programs for further use.
Means of combining digitization data:
Work with data in different formats
Use of transformation matrices
Various tools for combining point clouds
Processing point clouds:
Decimation and ordering of points along a grid, uniform, arbitrary and taking into account the curvature
Clearing of “noise” (mistakenly digitized points)
Filling holes
Removal of unnecessary points
Creating polygons:
Surface triangulation
Filling holes with allowance for the curvature of the surface
Partial filling of holes and creation of bridges
Ordering and reducing the number of triangles with the preservation of the shape and with a specified accuracy
Testing for intersections and elimination of triangulation errors
Creation of open / closed sets of polygons
Editing polygons:
Logical operations
Set displacement and create a shell
Sections by planes and splines
Alignment, smoothing, intersection, projection and widening of the boundary edges
Interactive anti-aliasing
Definition of characteristic elements and sharp edges:
Master for creating sharp edges
Determination of round and rectangular holes and grooves
Definition of planes and cylinders
Preservation of characteristic curves of the object in IGES format 126
Re-creation of the theoretical intersection of surfaces
Creating NURBS surfaces:
Automatic surface creation
Automatic detection of forming lines
Checking the correctness of the separation
Automatic detection of UV parameters
Creation of a surface with a specified tolerance
Intersection of surfaces with curves, characteristics, and other surfaces
Creation of flat surfaces
Distance from point to point along a straight line and on a surface
Comparison of a polygonal or NURBS surface with the original point cloud
Surface Analysis for Curvature and Tangentiality
Creation of basic geometric elements
The combination of basic elements and best approximation
Mirroring, zooming and moving objects
Working with large amounts of data:
Use up to 100 million points for triangulation of surfaces
Multithreaded operations support for multiprocessor systems
Batch processing
User interface:
Customizable toolbars, convenient and detailed drop-down menus, and also “hot keys” for frequently used commands
User-customizable program color themes
Floating panels and windows
User-created macros
Context-sensitive help
Developer tools:
Built-in command set (API) for equipment management
The ability to write your own program modules using languages ​​such as Visual Basic, C, C ++ or Java
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