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Dec 042023
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Download GeoticLog 8.2.13 full license 100% working

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Working with GeoticLog 8.2.13 full license

Working with GeoticLog 8.2.13 full license

It is an exceptional application designed for the efficient input of survey information. Its user-friendly interface streamlines the data input process by enabling users to easily input titles, summaries, and detailed descriptions, utilizing dictionaries for accuracy and validation. These user-edited dictionaries ensure data integrity, reducing the need for subsequent corrections and maintaining exceptional data quality consistently.
Description of GeoticLog 8.2.13
It simplifies the organization and input of information with its logical and straightforward structure. Users find the workflow intuitive, enhancing the ease of their work. The application has personalized report generation capabilities, ensuring tailored outputs based on specific requirements. Additionally, users can create strip logs effortlessly, enhancing the visualization of the gathered data.
User-Friendly Interface
The application provides a seamless and intuitive experience. Its multilingual English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese support caters to diverse user preferences, enhancing accessibility.
Data Management and Validation
The software operates on relational databases such as MS Access and SQL, ensuring robust data organization. The application offers comprehensive validation for all inputted data, ensuring accuracy and reliability. Standard and personalized dictionaries assist in descriptions across six geological levels, including RQD, magnetism, assaying, geochemistry, and geophysics.
Enhanced Functionality
The application allows the definition of an infinite number of coordinate systems, enabling advanced calculations like zone-weighted averages. It facilitates the seamless import and export of data and direct integration with GEMS and GeoticMine. The integration of linearized drilling core photos further enhances data visualization and analysis.
Modules for Increased Efficiency
It has modules for batch imports/exports, composite calculations, adjusted structure computations, QAQC management, and drilling core photo administration. These modules seamlessly integrate with existing environments, amplifying the application’s potential.
GeoticLog 8.2.13 is a paramount tool for efficient survey data input and management. Its intuitive interface, robust validation processes, and extensive functionality make it indispensable for professionals seeking streamlined geological data organization and analysis. It sets a new standard in geological survey applications by fostering an environment conducive to error-free data input and offering comprehensive reporting capabilities. With its seamless integration and user-friendly approach, it remains a vital asset for professionals in the field, significantly enhancing productivity and data accuracy.
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