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Apr 022024
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Download Imagine That ExtendSim Pro 10.1.1 full license

Link download Imagine That ExtendSim Pro 10.1.1 full crack

Working with Imagine That ExtendSim Pro 10.1.1 full

Working with Imagine That ExtendSim Pro 10.1.1 full

Description of Imagine That ExtendSim Pro 10.1.1
It is the ultimate simulation tool designed to handle various complex modeling tasks. It introduces advanced technologies like Discrete Rate Modules and Reliability Block Diagramming (RBD), making it a standout choice among simulation software.
Advanced Simulation Capabilities
Discrete Rate Module: It allows you to simulate systems involving tanks, levels, valves, and more, with the added ability to model the storage and rate-based movement of system components. This discrete rate module takes your simulations to a whole new level.
Reliability Block Diagramming (RBD): It offers a first-of-its-kind RBD tool, combining the power of process simulation with detailed reliability analysis. Whether used as a standalone tool or in conjunction with process simulation, the Reliability module enhances your modeling capabilities significantly.
Excel Add-In: With the Excel Add-In, you can create and specify ExtendSim databases in Excel, complete with parent/child relationships, cell randomization, named distributions, and more. This feature simplifies database management and integration with your ExtendSim models.
Stat::Fit®: Determine the best-fit distributions for your data using Stat::Fit®, a valuable tool from Geer Mountain. This ensures that your simulations are as accurate as possible.
Connectivity with Oracle: It offers seamless data import and export capabilities with Oracle databases, making working with your existing data sources easy.
Full ExtendSim DE and ExtendSim CP Features: Besides its advanced modules, it includes all the features and capabilities of ExtendSim DE and ExtendSim CP, making it a comprehensive solution for your simulation needs.
Core Features
All products share a common set of core features that are essential for simulation modeling:
Pre-built blocks for various tasks, including data access, math, equations, optimization, random number generation, statistics, charting, and output reports.
An equation editor for creating complex logical statements and custom blocks.
Libraries for charts, reports, and hierarchy management.
Cloning of dialog items and custom user interface creation.
Interactive simulation runs with parameter adjustments in real time.
Internal relational databases and an Excel Add-In for efficient data management.
Evolutionary Optimizer for finding optimal solutions.
Sensitivity Analysis and Scenario Manager for in-depth analysis and experimentation.
ExtendSim Pro has revolutionized the field of simulation modeling. It has brought significant changes and advancements to the industry. Its advanced capabilities and comprehensive feature set make it the ultimate tool for tackling complex modeling tasks. Whether in business, engineering, or science, it has you covered, providing the power and flexibility you need to excel in your simulation projects.
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