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Aug 312023
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Download midas NFX 2023 R1 Win64 full license forever

Link download midas NFX 2023 R1 x64 full cracked

Working with midas NFX 2023 R1 full license

Working with midas NFX 2023 R1 full license

Systems: 64bit
Interface language: Multilingual
System requirements: Windows

Description: MIDAS NFX – affordable comprehensive software for engineering calculations and optimization of design solutions
Areas of use:
• Simulation modeling of the product;
• Topology optimization;
• Strength calculation;
• Thermal calculation taking into account radiation and optical properties of the model;
• Three-dimensional calculation of hydroaerodynamics (CFD);
• Complex multidisciplinary calculation.
Reduced product development cycle
• Wide range of CAD interfaces
• High-speed and high-quality mesh generator
• Advanced solvers for working with large models
• Automatic detection of contacts in assemblies, convenient visualization and management of mates and loads
Efficient automation of the design process
• Two interface options: engineering and simplified
• Fast solver and the ability to modify the product on the fly with subsequent recalculation
• Easy creation of computational grids
• Extensive database of materials, including anisotropic
• Accounting for the optical properties of the material in the calculation of radiation and heat transfer
• A set of templates for standard boundary conditions and loads
• Possibility of solution parallelization
Simplified innovative product development
• Easy model formation and solution of optimization problems according to various criteria
• Pre-configured calculation templates
• Ability to create adaptive grids and rebuild the grid during the calculation process
• Topology optimization (part shape) based on static/dynamic analysis data
• Advanced wear calculation functions
• Carrying out evaluation tests of the reliability of equipment elements
A single, comprehensive solution for a wide range of design tasks encountered in mechanical engineering
• Providing structural, thermal and gas-dynamic calculations in the space of one model
• Modal analysis taking into account preload and relative displacement conditions of parts
• Stability analysis with setting permissible mutual movements of parts in the assembly
• Determination of heat flux densities
• Linear dynamic analysis
• Calculation of problems with nonlinear contacts
• Advanced nonlinear shock analysis
• Joint calculation of rigid and elastic structures in one model
• Combination of linear and nonlinear analysis in one model
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Thanks a lot

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