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Sep 082022
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Download Simulation using ANSYS Fluent training course

Link download Simulation using ANSYS Fluent tutorial Videos

Learning Simulation using ANSYS Fluent 2019

Learning Simulation using ANSYS Fluent 2019

Download Simulation using ANSYS Fluent 2019 training course

Download Simulation using ANSYS Fluent 2019 training course

Duration: 35 hours
Type of material distributed: Video lessons (the letters LQ in the title come from lower quality, i.e. in the distribution of files reduced in size due to a smaller, but still tolerable quality and while maintaining the resolution of the videos)
English language

Subtitles: yes
Video format: mkv

Descriptions: Learn how to work professionally on ANSYS CAD software SpaceClaim, on ANSYS meshing tool and on CFX and Fluent
Since there are two different interfaces(GUIs) for ANSYS workbench ,each video is uploaded in the two GUIs (‘2018R1’ for Workbench versions earlier than 19.3, ‘2019R3’ for Workbench versions after 19.3)
Session 1:
-intro to FEA
-intro to Space Claim (1-D, 2-D, and 3-D drawings )
Session 2:
-more on Space Claim:
Importing drawings from other CAD software
Drawing flow domain for a 3D wing
importing .txt file to spaceclaim
Using pattern tool in drawing blades
Working on Assembly (assembling parts drawn on space claim, and parts drawn on Solidworks)
Session 3:
-intro to Meshing
-GUI of ANSYS meshing tool
-Meshing three main parts (Global settings, Meshing methods, and Local settings)
-Pipe model mesh (structured mesh)
-Car flow domain mesh
-Aerofoil flow domain mesh
-Aerofoil structured mesh
-2 rectangle blocks domain structured mesh (2D)
-2 rectangle blocks domain structured mesh (3D)
-Mesh quality
Session 4:
-intro to CFD
-Turbulence models, and Boundary conditions
-Solving flow in pipe (comparing different cases) (CFX)
-Solving flow over a car model (CFX)
-Solving flow in a Convergent Divergent nozzle (CFX) (supersonic flow)
Session 5:
-GUI of Fluent
-Solving flow in pipe (comparing CFX and Fluent results)
-Solving flow over aerofoil (Fluent)
-Solving supersonic flow over a wedge (Fluent)
-Solving a combustion chamber case (Fluent)
-Solving a convergent divergent nozzle case(Fluent)
Session 6:
-GUI of CFD-post
-Using CFD-post to view results with all Fluent and CFX projects
-Solving a water filling in a tank case (Fluent)
-heat exchanger- heat transfer (Fluent)
-Solving Rotating Cylinder case (Fluent)
-Simple FSI Fluid Solid interaction case (Fluent)
-Boiling water in a tank case (Fluent)
-Solar load and radiation case (Fluent)
Session 7:
-VAWT (vertical axial wind turbine) (Fluent)
-Pipe in a wall heat transfer (Fluent)
-Car in a garage case (Fluent)
-Gate in a pipe (UDF + dynamic mesh) (Fluent)
-Centrifugal Compressor (Fluent)
-bullets race Advanced FSI case (Fluent)
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