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May 212017
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download Vero VISI v16 32bit 64bit full crack 100% working forever

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Designing with Vero VISI v16 full
Designing with Vero VISI v16 full
Working with Vero VISI v16 full license
Working with Vero VISI v16 full license

Description: The VISI application series is an integrated 2D / 3D design environment with a single geometric and parametric database for complex surface and 3D modeling, detailed rendering and photorealistic animation.
The VISI series of software products has special modules for volumetric and planar modeling, mold design, modern design of stamps and automated production all in one package.
Modules of the program:
1. VISI-Modeling is a hybrid modeling system for advanced volumetric modeling and powerful planar simulation along with a full set of plane repair tools and a two-dimensional design function.
2. VISI-Analysis – separation of the dynamic model and analysis.
3. VISI-Flow – module for analyzing the flow of the template.
4. VISI-Blank – module for the development of stamped parts.
5. Machining STRATEGIST – software product for increasing the speed of processing in the workshop.
6. VISI-Mold is a specialized module for designing molds, creating a core and cavity with a full set of standard components, moving parts and template bases.
7. VISI-Electrode – automatic creation of electrodes and their holders to perform difficult areas for processing on templates and molds.
8. VISI-Progress is a specialized module for modern design of dies, including sweep, strip design and tool construction from standard and user-defined components.
9. VISI-Machining 5 Axes is a complete solution of 4 and 5-axis machining with a special purpose for use in the aerospace and automotive industries for making molds.
10. VISI-Machining 2D – machining solutions for simple milling of 2-dimensional shapes, and a complete series of drilling and perforating cycles, etc.
11. VISI-Machining 3D – machining of complex 3-dimensional planes and volumes up to 5 coordinates. A number of steps of the generally accepted practice of selecting the automatic selection of the component shape and cutting conditions are proposed.
12. VISI-Wire – advanced 2 and 4-axis EDM cutting.
13. SMIRTDieShop – a specialized program for visualization of projects of a stamp.
14. SMIRTDieNC – is a complement to the SmirtDieShop model for processing in the workshop sections 2/2 1 / 2D stamping tools.
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