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Apr 132020

Download progeCAD 2020 Professional x86 x64 full license forever

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Working with progeCAD 2020 Professional full license
Working with progeCAD 2020 Professional full license

Description: progeCAD is a software compatible with AutoCAD and two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs that works with DWG files of AutoCAD program and is the best solution for AEC, MCAD and all general CAD applications. ProgeCAD is a versatile 2D and 3D design software, suitable for CAD disciplines and general concept design, and offers very high compatibility with AutoCAD and direct modeling.
ProgeCAD software features:
progeCAD Cloud: Save and open maps on the cloud, get all the designs wherever you are, the optimal way to share maps with team and customers
Dynamic Input: An alternative way to enter commands through a command line interface, input data such as the length of a line or the radius of a circle by dynamically visualizing changes to the movement of the mouse.
Annotative Objects: Automatic annotation size such as text, hatch, block and dimensions in multiple views with different scales
Arc Aligned Text: The ARCTEXT command enables text alignment to be placed along an arcobject.
Drawing Fields: Insert automatic text titled block or other annotations in a map
BreakLine Command: Create a broken line, a polygon, including a broken line symbol by specifying two points and the location of the broken line between them.
EasyArch 3D: Work with 2D and 3D modes
Create and edit a wall (delete, rotate, move, etc.)
Insert, copy, transfer and edit doors and windows automatically
Layer Management
Manage and place parametric blocks
Create and edit tables of elements, rooms and spaces
Convenient user interface for external resource management
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