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Jun 182021

Download PTC Creo View Win64 full license forever

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Working with PTC Creo View Win64 full

Working with PTC Creo View Win64 full

Interface language: Multilingual
Russian, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean,
Description: In PTC Creo View, you can view and explore 3D products and CAD models, assemblies, drawings, images, and documents. You can collaborate on products that include different types of information without using specialized applications.
Supported import formats
Drawings: * .cgm, * .dwf (dwfx), * .dwg, * .dxf, * .hgl, * .hp2, * .hpg (hpgl), * .plt, * .plg, * .gl2
Images (Images): * .bmp, * .gif, * .jpg (jpeg), * .cg4, * .gp4, * .tif
Illustrations: * .iso
Documents: * .pdf
Pro / E files (Сreo Element files): * .prt, * .asm, * .drw, *. *. Rep, * .frm, * .dgm, * .lay, * .sec, * .pic, *. xpr, * .xas, * .mfg, * .grh
3D Files (3D Formats): * .dgn, * .gbf, * .gaf, * .igs (iges), * .stp (step), * .stl (sla), * .wrl (wrml)
The following are the tasks that you can perform with PTC Creo View:
– View structure
– Editing the image of the structure by changing the color, rendering mode, location and orientation of parts
– Supplementing the structure with annotations, measurements and constructive geometry
– Grouping parts
– Creation of sections
-Moving parts and changing their images, for example, creating exploded views and sections
In Creo View, team members can view, mark up, interact, and collaborate on all forms of digital product data, and visual information is available to everyone in the enterprise.
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