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Sep 182023
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Download AFT Fathom 13.0 build 9-14-2023 full license forever

Link download AFT Fathom 13.0 full cracked 100% working

Working with AFT Fathom 13.0 build 9-14-2023 full license

Working with AFT Fathom 13.0 build 9-14-2023 full license

While you may not immediately update your software to the newest version, here is a preview of the new features you can expect to see in AFT Fathom 13, Arrow 10, Impulse 10, and xStream 3. Join us to learn about the bigger changes, as well as the enhancements that have been made which make the software even more user-friendly and intuitive.
Descriptions of AFT Fathom 13.0
This fluid dynamic simulation software allows engineers to calculate pressure drop and pipe flow distribution in liquid and low velocity gas piping and ducting systems.
It accurately simulates individual system components and interaction & tightly integrates equipment characteristics, analysis, and output with your system’s schematic representation.
The program provides a wide array of features without sacrificing your need for a short learning curve & frees you to focus on your system, not the mechanics of software manipulation.
Moreover, it significantly improves the quality of systems engineering you can achieve, leading to less costly, more efficient, and more reliable piping systems.
Features of AFT Fathom 13.0
Experiment with operating conditions and scenarios
Easily change system input data, including valve positions, pump operation, control set points, pressures, temperatures and more
GIS shapefiles supported by ArcGis and others
Import and export files in EPANET format
Excel integration supporting data import and export
Model a wide range of system components for both design and operational cases
Vary your system line-up: open / close pipes and valves, turn pumps on or off, set control valves to fail position
Specify alerts that automatically highlight output values that are out of range for flow, pressure, velocity, pump efficiency and more
Select pumps from online manufacturer catalogs
Compile catalogs of your frequently used piping components and select them from a drop-down list
Address the viscosity and frictional changes associated with pumping non-settling slurries and a variety of other non- Newtonian fluids
Calculate the cost of system pipes and components
Clearly import Excel data into multiple scenarios and export with the Excel Export Manager.
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