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Aug 182023
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Download Dassault Systemes GEOVIA (ex. Gemcom) Minex full

Link Download Dassault Systemes GEOVIA Minex full license

Working with Dassault Systemes GEOVIA (ex. Gemcom) Minex full

Working with Dassault Systemes GEOVIA (ex. Gemcom) Minex full

Descriptions: Dassault Systemes GEOVIA Minex is the only software specifically designed for use in in-situ deposits. By fully integrating all areas of mining operations, from exploration to production planning, Minex provides an accurate assessment of the reserves of the deposit and rational mining.

At the heart of any mining planning is the creation of a reliable geological model. Gemcom Minex offers extensive software tools to help geologists model and evaluate in situ reserves, including specialized tools for working with complex faults.

The key to correct geological modeling is the correct interpretation of the data. Gemcom Minex uses all available information data to correlate and interpret the field, namely: geophysical, lithological, structural, technological and conditional.

Gemcom Minex has improved the process of fault modeling in fields with complex faults. The novelty is that Gemcom Minex first interprets fault data, then reconstructs the original bedding in 3D, making it easier to model, understand and interpret the field. Further, the program restores 3D information on discontinuous faults, and the model is recreated in its original form. Gemcom Minex can accurately model complexly inclined or curved faults such as faults and reverse faults.

The Coal Washability module models a complete coal washing curve so that ash content, coal yield and other washing analytical data can be fully evaluated for the entire deposit. The Coal Washability module also allows you to model dressing data, making it possible to use the gridding method to calculate quality parameters to meet the requirements of coal production and use gridded calculations when compiling certificates for different categories of reserves in order to simulate production processes in accordance with the site or schedule .

The Pit Optimizer locates the pit and generates a final pit that breaks even within these boundaries using the well-known Lerch-Grossman algorithm.

Stripping ratios are widely used by Gemcom Minex to evaluate areas that are economically viable for quarrying. The stripping ratio is often used to characterize shallow reservoir deposits that do not require 3D optimization.
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