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Dec 222022
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Download Graitec Tricalc 2023.1 win64 full license forever

Link download Graitec Tricalc 2023.1 x64 full cracked

Working with Graitec Tricalc 2023.1 full license

Working with Graitec Tricalc 2023.1 full license

Descriptions: Tricalc is a complete and integrated software for the design of structures, from the structural model to the dimensioning, detailing and final fabrication of the structures. In each of the phases of the project, Tricalc presents functionalities that are very valuable for structural designers.

Efficiency and safety are essential for the success of projects. Tricalc’s modeling and analysis capacity makes it the ideal solution to guarantee efficient modeling and safe analysis, allowing more time to be spent on project design and conception and less on work processes.

The new architectures, the new high-rise buildings, the new construction typologies and the work within globalization, require new capacities: the ability to be able to model new buildings with versatility, the ability to include our projects in the new construction typologies and the ability to work in a collaborative BIM environment.

The dimensioning and detailing of the reinforcements of all the concrete structural elements, with automatic compliance with the requirements of the regulations and construction aspects, provides the designer of structures with a highly productive and safe solution.

Tricalc has maintained a BIM philosophy since its creation, consisting of a single three-dimensional model with all the associated and linked information, for the project of structures. This model is now possible to be exported and imported through the BIM/IFC 4.0 format, for collaborative work, and for delivery to end customers.

Tricalc users tend to say “as much more important as the software is the technical support behind it”. It is the technical support, always present, that allows us to have an additional guarantee on the security of the projects we develop. It is the technical support, always present and provided by the software manufacturer itself, which gives us a unique guarantee of quality.
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