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Jun 192021
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Working with REFPROP 9

Working with REFPROP 9

Description: REFPROP stands for Reference Fluid Thermodynamic and Transport Properties. Is a specialized engineering application database developed by NIST that provides the most accurate physical thermal models for a wide range of major industry applications. This tool has proven itself as a very useful tool for industry, government and the scientific community. This program is also the main method for distributing the work done by the Thermophysical features of the fluid group.
REFPROP Features:
Low GWP Fluids: NIST members play an active role in calculating and developing the physical-thermal properties of low-GWP fluids, and these results have been achieved in a global collaboration.
Natural gas: The REFPROP program has the standards used in the gas industry, and in addition, the researchers of this program have been involved in improving the display of compounds in natural gas.
Demonstration of models for complex fluids: Complex fluids used in aircraft and transport fuels have a complex composition consisting of hundreds or thousands of types of chemical compounds. While the properties of complex fuels are displayed by very small combinations.
Absorption and storage of carbon: If CO 2 needs to be compressed and moved by pipelines, these pipelines can contain impurities such as water. It is also important to know the thermophysical properties of these fluids, which can be calculated by REFPROP.
Space Applications: Most of the work on the properties of refrigerant mixtures has been done by NIST in the space program. This program has fluids that can be used for propulsion and models for the atmosphere of neighboring planets.
Conventional industrial fluids: REFPROP has models for thermodynamic and transport properties of conventional industrial fluids and their compounds. This program seeks to add more fluids to this part depending on the needs of the consumer.
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