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Jun 182023
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Download SAP2000 Professional Training Course for Structural Engineers

Link download SAP2000 Professional video tutorials for engineers

SAP2000 Professional Course for Structural Engineers contents

SAP2000 Professional Course for Structural Engineers contents

Description: SAP2000 Professional Course for Structural Engineers, the professional SAP2000 training course for structural engineers has been published. In this course, you will get acquainted with SAP2000 software, which is a universal structural analysis software, starting from basic modeling techniques in SAP2000 to many options, techniques, tools and advanced guides available for designing steel structures. Cold steel and aluminum go hand in hand with the exercises so that you have a clearer understanding of the concepts.
This course has been prepared with high precision and considering the best sequence of steps and topics for easy and suitable learning. Although this course focuses on SAP2000, the structural design concepts and procedures use the AISC/ANSI design code and the ASCE loading code to reference parameters. This course focuses on design practice and knowledge used at a professional level around the world.
What you will learn
Introduction to SAP2000 (user interface, view options, definitions of keywords, shortcuts, tools and tips)
Principles of SAP2000 (difference between thin and thick shell membrane, semi-rigid and rigid diaphragm, inserting grids, envelope concept with example
Definition of structural features (definition of circular and rectangular grids), definition of materials and sections of frame members, definition of shell sections)
Modeling tools (draw/repeat/view tools, hide/show elements with practice, automatic/manual gridding of slabs and walls, model review options)
Additional modeling tools (2D trusses and frames, 3D building model – 40 floors, creating selection groups, merging multiple models)
Importing models from Tekla / Revit / Autocad to SAP2000
Loading applications (definition, load patterns, load cases, load combinations, seismic loads, wind load, mass source, diaphragms)
General analysis, design (analysis results (forces, deformation and stresses), Modal analysis)
Who is this course suitable for?
Structural engineers looking for expertise in using SAP2000
Civil Engineer
Structural engineer
Engineering student
Specifications of the SAP2000 Professional Course for Structural Engineers
Madras: Engineering Learning Platform
English language
Education level: all levels
Number of courses: 40
Training duration: 8 hours and 43 minutes
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