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Sep 082020

Download Pythagoras CAD + GIS v16.13.0001 full license 100% working

Link download Pythagoras CAD + GIS v16.13.0001 for win32 win64 full

Working with Pythagoras CAD + GIS v16.13.0001 full

Working with Pythagoras CAD + GIS v16.13.0001 full

Descriptions: Today, many special programs are available for a surveyor, and often for a beginner surveyor the question arises – which program to start with? It should be understood that you will never find an “ideal” program. You can find statements like “I work only in GeoniCS, CREDO, AutoCad” on the Internet – but these are nothing more than private opinions. Each of the programs is designed to solve a specific range of tasks. What works for a cadastral engineer will seem like a crap to a surveyor or someone who works on a construction site.
Therefore, we will immediately outline the range of tasks for Pythagoras CAD:
For beginners. If you have never come across geodetic programs before, Pythagoras CAD will suit you for learning, since the program is very easy to learn, there are detailed instructions, and Pythagoras CAD solves almost all typical tasks in the field of geodesy.
For the inventory. It fits rather poorly, since it does not support the main formats for describing cadastral plots (for Ukraine, these are IN4 and new XML formats). For inventory, I advise you to master the Digitals program.
For a topographer. Suitable. Allows you to quickly draw a topographic plan in conventional symbols, build contours, etc. However, in many organizations there is a standard for the design of topographic plans in one or another program. For example, in my work, I keep all field plans, outline and working drawings in Pythagoras CAD, and when the object is handed over I have to translate the drawing to the standards of the enterprise (a program based on AutoCad)
For a construction surveyor. The option is ideal, since it allows you to maintain a geodetic map of the object with all the data (justification scheme, import the master plan, build executive, etc.)
For a surveyor. Absolutely not suitable due to the specifics of the work.
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