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Aug 102020

Download Siemens Star CCM+ 2020.2.1 (15.04.010-R8 double precision) x64 full license

Link download Siemens Star CCM+ 2020.2.1 (15.04.010-R8 double precision) win64 full crack

Working with Siemens Star CCM+ 2020.2.1 full license

Working with Siemens Star CCM+ 2020.2.1 full license

Descriptions: The Simcenter product team is pleased to announce the availability of updated release of Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2020.2.1. Version 2020.2 is packed with a host of new features to streamline your simulation workflow and increase the fidelity of your simulations so you can bring better products to market faster.
What’s New in Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2020.2
Faster, efficient combustion modelling with adaptive mesh refinement
In Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2020.1, we introduced the industry’s first model-specific adaptive mesh refinement capabilities for free surfaces and overset mesh. With version 2020.2, we extend this to reacting flows, enabling adaptive mesh refinement of the flame front. This reduces turnaround time and increases accuracy of reacting flow simulations through efficient use of computational resources. Delivering out of the box performance for transient flames, this capability takes the guess work out of meshing for flame positioning and automatically refines the mesh as and when needed.
More realistic fluid-structure-interaction with frictionless mechanical contact
Applications such as valves and seals involve opening and closing flow paths. Designing products with such flow paths requires accurate modelling of the fluid-structure-interaction (FSI) and the frictionless mechanical contact during closing events. In version 2020.2, you can specify a rigid plane obstacle and use it in combination with hyperelastic materials to model rubber seals or gaskets being squeezed against flat surfaces.
Improved realism of turbine blade flows with shroud thermal profiles
Accurate simulation of the flow and heat transfer through gas turbines is necessary to predict performance and optimize design. You can now achieve more accurate turbine blade simulations at no additional computational cost with a realistic shroud thermal profile. This new boundary condition is automated and easy to use, providing averaged results on the shroud.
Quickly identify data trends with bubble Descriptions
With Simcenter STAR-CCM+, design exploration and going from one to hundreds of simulations has never been easier. Quickly identifying data trends from hundreds of simulations is key to faster decision making. The new bubble Descriptions feature allows you to add layers of information to standard XY Descriptions. Now you can display critical decision-making information in a visually appealing manner all in a single Description.
Enhance navigation and save time with field function grouping
Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2020.2 delivers an improved user experience when handling complex simulations with many field functions. The new grouping feature automatically groups field functions based on common and custom attributes. This brings quick navigation and reduces the time creating and navigating complex simulations.
Increased realism and ease-of-use with more new features
With Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2020.2, you can create high-fidelity digital twins with ease to make better engineering decisions today to deliver the leading products of tomorrow.
Fixes in Update Release of Simcenter STAR-CCM+2020.2.1
This section details the fixes that were introduced in the update release of Simcenter STAR-CCM+2020.2.1.
CADM-7138 Fix the ability of the 3D-CAD modeler to optimize edges so that it no longer freezes during the process.
CADX-1485 Restore the ability to import PLMXML CAD files.
CF-1179 Fix the font specification of the Japanese user interface of Simcenter STAR-CCM+, so that no Chinese characters appear instead of Japanese ones.
DEP-2440 Fix the presentation version for the released version of the product, so that the correct software family name, product name, and version number appear in any output messages.
DPM-1142 Fix backward compatibility failure of the restored Lagrangian passive scalar transfer model when no passive scalar is specified.
ECL-3448 Clean up the physics properties in the Electronics Cooling Toolset, so that when the user deletes a PCB (printed circuit board) Quick Part that was created from an ODB file, the creation of a new PCB does not result in an error.
IMC-1471 Fix the input error that occurs with the beam-to-surface data mapper.
MFW-2137 Fix a SIGSEGV error that occurs when a STEP surface file is imported into 3D-CAD using HOOPS Exchange, and when the Display Resolution in the 3D-CAD category of the Options dialog is set to Coarse.
STARICE-3610 Fix a performance regression for Simcenter STAR-CCM+ In-Cylinder that occurs when the tabular time-step option is used.
VBAT-6055 In Simcenter Battery Design Studio, fix the RCR Regression so that, after it populates the active area and cell capacity from the user-specified .tbm file, it allows those values to be changed in the RCR Regression user interface.
VBAT-6134 In Simcenter Battery Design Studio, fix the update of temperature during a simulation run in which 1 ecell and the distributed energy balance are used.
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