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Apr 032020

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Design with PLAXIS 3D 2013 full license
Design with PLAXIS 3D 2013 full license

Description: Plaxis software and advanced finite element analysis and permanent deformations in geotechnical engineering projects used. Geotechnical Consultants of the important issues, an advanced behavioral models to model the nonlinear, time-dependent behavior of soils, depending on the intended purpose, it is necessary. With this software can and fill the stage with loading and boundary conditions using triangular elements of the 6-node and 15-node model. The first edition of Plaxis to analyze dams built on soft soils parts of low-rise and posts the Netherlands and in order to manage the water resources of the country at the Technical University of Delft in 1987 were prepared in 1993, its capabilities developed by the Institute Center Civil Engineering Research and Codes approved and supported for the world.
In Plaxis behavioral models Mohr-Coulomb model hyperbolic hardening, softening model (model Cam-Clay) and softening creep model is applicable, this software can also build and drilling process by enabling and disabling elements the model’s calculations. An example of the application of this feature, layer by layer analysis of the stability of slopes, dams and tunnels are.
Plaxis 3D
Or Plaxis 3D Foundation software for finite element analysis in geotechnical engineering is soil stability and transformation. Plaxis 3D Foundation complex structures consisting of artificial structures and soil conditions defined separation and separate work on each of the modes is possible. This product is user-friendly design and modeling and simulation, flexibility is very very rich, powerful core processing and post-processing processes as well.
The program has several features that are available to users, is one of the best in the field of geotechnical engineering. plaxis empowerment company that specializes in the software branch of geotechnical works and addition to the application, holds conferences and seminars throughout the world. The company’s software based on finite element analysis is two-dimensional and three-dimensional products are used effectively. Seminars Plksyz holds about training the company’s software but also to the transfer of engineering knowledge among members is, in fact Plksyz only software not satisfied on an ongoing basis with researchers and those interested in geotechnical related to the way enhance the quality of their products and technical knowledge and achievements day pass between researchers in the field.
Facilities and software features of PLAXIS :
– finite element software for two dimensional analysis of deformation and stability in geotechnical engineering
– provision of advanced hybrid models simulate nonlinear, time-dependent and anisotropic behavior of soils and rocks
– using special methods to solve problems of hydrostatic and non hydrostatic pore pressure in the soil
– modeling of structures and interactions between soil and structure
– has an extremely powerful graphical environment
– automatic mesh generator for two-dimensional
– Automatic creation of three-dimensional model
– A 6-node and 15-node two-dimensional elements
– a special plate elements, joints and springs period
– has contact elements
– A variety of methods of intensive and extensive load
– Ability to model the complex boundary conditions
– Take advantage of the variety of soil reinforcement
– consider models of soil behavior
– the possibility of taking the underground water level
– has advanced analytical options
– Create detailed output
– static analysis
– High flexibility
– accurate simulation of different structures based on scientifically proven principles and theories
– means for calculating the volume of soil and …
– Ability to design and modeling of complex structures combined
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