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May 072020

Download RockWare LogPlot x86 x64 full license forever

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Working with RockWare LogPlot full license

Working with RockWare LogPlot full license

Description: LogPlot is a simple, high-flexibility mapping software that Earth scientists have used since 1983 to visually display geotechnical data, the environment, and mineral data. Log-Plot provides your data in endless scroll mode or in multiple pages. You can output one or more pages in different PDF or HTML formats. It is also possible to convert photo reports to formats, BMP, TIFF, and PNG. Using this software, you can easily register geological logs, draw lithographic diagrams, or record and draw data related to borehole wells during mining operations or well drilling.
You can easily get detailed information about porosity, lithological columns, etc. by looking at the diagrams. With RockWare LogPlot, it is possible to create template files, simply import raw data and convert it to other formats. The program environment is graphical and simple, and its data editor is very powerful, so you can easily work with columns and rows of information and change the information of each cell; in this section, it is easily possible to filter data. You will also have a lot of flexibility in the design of the log; in this section, more than 40 ready-made templates have been prepared for this purpose, which can also be customized.
Features and Features of LogPlot Software:
Strong and simple graphical environment
Powerful data editor with the ability to filter information
Powerful and highly designed design log with more than 40 ready-made templates
Log Interactive Presentation
Easy project management and quick access to files
Ability to do work categories
Provide output in various formats, even photos
The right guide for all parts
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