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Jul 252020

Download RUNET BETONexpress 17.01.2017 x86 x64 full license forever

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Working with RUNET BETONexpress 17.01 full license

Working with RUNET BETONexpress 17.01 full license

Description: BETONexpress is an efficient software for designing, developing and analyzing structures. Civil and architectural engineers can perform all kinds of analytical work on the desired structure through finite element and dynamic solutions of this product. Using this program, you can easily design all the elements in concrete structures. For each element you enter the basic information and dimensions, the characteristics of the materials used, their thickness, the amount of carrier load and و The program based on this information provides an optimal design for combining these elements together and also determines the pressure limits. he does.
Dimensions used in this program are based on European regulations EN 1992-1-1: 2004. The design of concrete structures, reinforced concrete, general rules and construction rules is also based on Euro 7, ie EN 1997-1: 2004. Technical design, general rules and geotechnical analysis of foundations and retaining walls are based on EN 1990: 2002. There are also standards for load combinations and stress tests and critical condition analysis that you will find in the program. All standards are implemented based on the latest Eurocodes in this program, so you will be comfortable with the standard design of the structure.
You can also calculate the capacity of concrete slabs, the amount of strength and rigidity of concrete beams and columns reinforced with polymer fibers. After designing and performing the necessary analysis, you can easily prepare an accurate map with details and their information in the form of CAD maps and work on the details of the map design in other specialized software. The combination of the analytical power of this program and the power of drawing software has made this program a very suitable option for civil and architectural engineers. BETONexpress has a simple environment and all values ​​are entered through graphical controls. In each part of the project you can make the necessary corrections and re-analyze. All dimensions and angles are clearly displayed on the graphic map and in the same section you can change the values ​​according to your needs.
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