May 222017

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Working with ElWave 7.6 full license
Working with ElWave 7.6 full license

ELWAVE 7.6, a Windows-based computer production program
Prognosis Software Development, created specifically for the successful
And the lucrative application of Elliott Wave Theory in stock trading
(The most effective method of forecasting from all the existing ones).
The practical application of the theory of waves differs not only in efficiency,
But also the complexity of implementation. Number of rules and guidelines Elliott,
Which are mandatory for compliance in each particular market situation, is very large.
The application of the theory requires considerable experience and a high-quality
Analysis, time and objectivity, as well as the ability to cope with their emotions
And keep the situation under control. Fulfillment of all these conditions would be in the highest
Degree is difficult without certain technical means; But with this
An impossible task for a human computer can do without difficulty. Everything, that
It is necessary to carry out high-quality analysis and obtain an objective,
Logical forecast in the shortest possible time is a computer program in which
All rules and guidelines are contained in a programmed form.
This program is also ELWAVE.
Of course, the process of programming expertise is difficult and complex;
Years of research and research and development were required for
Its implementation (implementation, completion). A huge role in this played the creation of
And the programming of the Elliot fractal model, which allows reproducing
Market structure and carry out analysis on a strictly scientific basis.
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