Dec 072019

Download ECS FEMFAT 5.4 Win64 full license 100% working forever

Link download ECS FEMFAT 5.4 x64 full cracked forever

ECS FEMFAT 5.4 x64 full cracked
ECS FEMFAT 5.4 x64 full cracked
Working with ECS FEMFAT 5.4 win64 full license
Working with ECS FEMFAT 5.4 win64 full license

Description: FEMFAT ((Finite Element Method / FATigue)
FEMFAT software performs fatigue calculations in combination with widely used finite element programs such as NASTRAN, ABAQUS, ANSYS, I-DEAS, Medina, PATRAN, PRO / MECHANICA.
Provides full and convenient integration into user CAE processes.
At an early stage of the design process, FEMFAT provides engineers with reliable information on the fatigue life of structures, which reduces the weight and size characteristics of the model and its cost.
FEMFAT calculation results can be presented graphically using the FE post processor or the VISUALIZER module.
FE-oriented software for predicting fatigue life / damage and component endurance. Includes a comprehensive FE interface and material database.
Software module for modeling the effect of redistribution of medium stresses in the presence of local plastic deformation.
A software module for analyzing fatigue under multiaxial model loading using a load history or a series of static stress states.
Software module for weld fatigue analysis for steel and aluminum standards (DIN 15018, EUROCODE 3 and 9, BS 7608, MIS).
Software module for predicting fatigue of “point” joints (spot welding, riveting) in FE-shell designs.
Software module for assessing static safety factors.
A software module for assessing failure from measured stresses and comparing calculated and measured stresses.
Fast, 3D post-processor for displaying the state of the FE-model under the influence of applied loads.
Software module for analysis of cyclic fatigue of components under the influence of thermal loads (e.g. cylinder heads, exhaust manifold, etc.)
Elasto-hydrodynamic analysis of friction in bearings.
Preparation of data for acoustic analysis using MSC / NASTRAN and ADAMS. Calculation of surface noise and visualization of Campbell diagrams.
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