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working with MSC Simufact Forming v14.0 64bit full

Language: Multilingual (English, German, French, Polish, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Russian)
Simufact Forming – System computer simulation to calculate the metal deformation processes in the process of forging and stamping in the design of the die tooling. Simufact Forming optimizes the temperature and speed, taking into account the stress-strain state, the terms of processes, designing optimal technology. This contributes to the adequacy of the models of the technological process, as well as a precise description of rheological behavior of metal under strain. From forging to rolling, from sheet metal to titata in Simufact Forming available all the tools for efficient modeling and calculation, regardless of the temperature of the process, the equipment used or processed materials.
Simufact Forming got all the best technology previously proven MSC.Software’s products, and in fact became the successor of such popular products as the MSC.SuperForm and MSC.SuperForge.
The main components of Simufact Forming:
– Simufact Forming
Modeling of metal deformation in the process of forging and die forging using computer modeling systems such as Simufact.Formingc, Finance provides real cost savings to the enterprise and provides access to the market with new products in the shortest time with the least cost and with minimal risk.
– Simufact Project
Powerful simulation tools and high computing power in accordance with the possibilities of the PC to help develop models and production processes. Reliability and stability of the program helps to simulate a large number of variations. All production data requires a structured project management and efficient data management. The results are recorded in the documentation and archives.
– Simufact Materials
Reliable data about the materials needed for accurate simulation results. Over the years, updated database Simufact.material, providing a wide range of materials and their characteristics. Furthermore, the user has the ability to integrate their own data, as well as quick and easy access to them. Simufact.material But it’s more than just a database. It provides the necessary information for metallurgical analysis of metals. recrystallization process (static and dynamic) can be calculated on the stage of transformation processes during heat treatment. Simufact.material aimed at users who need information about the chemical composition and thermal parameters (density, elasticity, etc.). Simufact.material supports software products Simufact and MSC.Marc.

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